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21-01-07, 05:32
:mad: I keep recieving these annoying chain letters that won't stop EVER!!
Some of them were freaky, they keep saying "If you don't forward this letter to approximately 20 people you'll be dead in 7 days" :hea: oh god! who the hell keeps sending those stupid freaking chain letters!!
I can't even read my friends messages, I'm afraid they might be fake and chain letters...!
Who here recieves chain letters too? :hea:

21-01-07, 05:34
i do sometimes. i just ignore them. i've actually forwarded messages to people tell them not to send me another or else lol

21-01-07, 05:37
Yea me too!! but even though, some freaky strangers send me some chain letters, I'm like how the hell did they know my email???
I don't think there is a way to stop this chain letters :( , but who ever started it I hope he or she goes to hell !

wondering woman
21-01-07, 05:37
LOL, I wish I got chain letters, so then I can find it on snopes.com and e-mail that page link back to them:D ;)

21-01-07, 05:38
if it's thru email, try setting a filter that will delete them from your inbox or from the server. especially if multiple chains are coming from the same address

21-01-07, 05:43
how would it know which letters are the chain letters!?
I always recieve various different chain letters from various different people..

21-01-07, 05:50
if it's your friends or someone you're in constant contact with, then the only thing you really can do is ask them to quit.

if it's a strange address, can you right-click on the address? with my e-mail app it'll then give options and you can choose to filter them to the trash bin. the filter won't necessarily know they're chain letters, it just goes by the sender's address

21-01-07, 05:50
We had a member from here who says they have been sent a message like that from another member here.

So I've heard anyway.

21-01-07, 09:09
I consider them as SPAM and delete them.

21-01-07, 09:15
Yeah those letters annoying! I cant believe what kind of person thinks those up! He sure needs profecional help.

21-01-07, 10:05
I hate chain letters and stupid questionnaires.

21-01-07, 10:33
I can just imagine them while typing those chain letters..

Now what would be so nasty that they would feel the need to send this to 10 people at least? Ah, yes! Death of a relative :tmb:

21-01-07, 11:10
i've never had one :confused: *checks e-mail*

21-01-07, 11:16
I don't care to read through the whole message. It's just too damn boring to read them.

Ada the Mental
21-01-07, 12:44
A friend of mine keeps sending some to my mobile...Sometimes I send them just for fun if I'm in a good mood but usually I just ignore them....

21-01-07, 12:47
Oh I HATE those things, it's spam in a jar I tell you. I got one that if you break the chain your lovelife will be unsuccesfull for ever.

21-01-07, 16:35
they make me laugh- "If you dont send this email to 100 other people, then your computer will eat you alive...."

I have yet tio be killled by a chain lett..........ARGH!!!

21-01-07, 16:38
I just delete the chain letters but my contacts on MSN usually send them to me in an instant message.

21-01-07, 16:40
i get them all the time and i always ignore them...
and apperently im still in one pice!!
and besides how can an e-mail kill you???

21-01-07, 16:44
Just send out an email to everyone you know and threaten to beat them up if they send you one more chain letter. ;)

21-01-07, 19:43
i get them all the time and i always ignore them...
and apperently im still in one pice!!
and besides how can an e-mail kill you???

Well, if you kept your PC on a really high shef and you were reading an email and jumped up in surprise and it fell on your head and then you fell down the stairs, then the email may kill you.....