View Full Version : I need help!!!!!

29-12-00, 03:22
I have Sony Playstation - I am currently at the submarine level AFTER going deep sea diving - I have gone through the short movie, and now Lara is invisible - I can see her footsteps running, but I can't see her. this makes it extremely hard trying to do things like line up to the ladder to climb up - Is there anyone who knows why she is invisible, and if I can make her reappear again? It seems like it is just a setting or option, but I don't know what to do. HELP!!!

29-12-00, 21:56
This sounds like a strange bug to me. Do you have a previous savegame you can load?

cyber fairy
04-01-01, 15:28
That happened to me on the PC edition. It loads like I play Quake or on of those games where the camera is the players eye, so you do not see yourself. Try to load a previous save game. It worked for me