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21-01-07, 23:10
Do you know where this place is and what is its name?
Difficulty rating 1-10: 5


21-01-07, 23:22
well, as i failed A level geo (wel i may as well of) i dont think this game is for me :( maybe if it was like the statue of liberty or summit i would get it haha

21-01-07, 23:23
I have no idea, somewhere on the med??

21-01-07, 23:30
I'd love to participate in this game... yet, I have no clue where that place is.

My guess is in America somewhere :confused:

21-01-07, 23:33
Is it somewhere in america or another continent?

21-01-07, 23:36
One of its main attractions was in a James Bond movie.

21-01-07, 23:39
Itay, Cuba??

21-01-07, 23:42
The caribbeans? :vlol:

22-01-07, 00:12
The caribbeans? :vlol:

Ah, now we're getting somewhere.

22-01-07, 02:54
The Island is a US commonwealth, Puerto Rico.
It is home to the Arecebo SETI telescope filmed in the James Bond movie Goldeneye. It appeared in the fight scene at the end in the big radio dish.

I visited Puerto Rico about 12 years ago. It is a beautiful mountainous place with a rain forest in El Yunque. There is salsa and merengue dancing outside in the malls Christmas time. The picture shows the fortress El Morro. It is in the part called Old San Juan. Huge cruise ships dock in the harbor to the right. After visiting Arecibo I drove down to Ponce and got lost. Nobody there speaks English. But I found my way back to San Juan where almost everybody does. People park on both sides of the street in the same direction. It's very informal and they never get tickets.

There was a beach called Luqillo Beach fronted with rows of tall palm trees and a stand where you can buy frozen Margueritas and they don't card and you can drink on the beach.

The main export from Puerto Rico is Rum, I guess. Ron Rico is one brand.
I arrived at the Arecibo observatory too early so I took a tram ride down into the caves. I was sitting with a field trip of school girls all about 12 years old chattering away in Spanish. It was quite embarrassing, but they didn't pay attention to me, so I didn't mind.

22-01-07, 05:29
Hmmm. well I can see a bunch of ppl on the water swimming either away from or towards the island.

22-01-07, 05:56
Hmmm. well I can see a bunch of ppl on the water swimming either away from or towards the island.

I believe those are rocks.