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22-01-07, 22:56
What are your biggest ones? I have a lot. :whi:

- People talking obnoxiously loud on their cell phones.
- When people crack their knuckles.
- When you're eating at a restaurant and you're stuck in the smoking section, and you get a constant blast of smoke in the face while you're eating.
- On any type of instant messenger, when people put periods after EVERY single sentence/word they say (I do it sometimes for the sole purpose of good grammar cause I'm a nerd like that, but it annoys the hell out of me when others do it xD)
- When people say "Angelina stole Brad away from Jennifer".
- Staticy hair.
- When cereal gets soggy too fast.

You get the idea. :p

22-01-07, 22:59
I've made a whole list about this a while back. It's a damn shame I deleted it.
Well here are some things that annoys me:

- Annoying buses which squeaks all the time.
- People who are playing extremely loud music on their head-phones.
(And don’t even turn it off when they speak)
-When the TV just won’t stop making sound after you've gone to bed.
-People who snores
-When the gum loses it's flavour after 2 minutes.
-People who always say ‘What’ after you've said something, and then you need to say it all over again.

Camera Obscura
22-01-07, 23:00
My only one is when people talk behind other people's back.

22-01-07, 23:01
People spitting on you when they talk. I want the news - not the weather thankyou!

22-01-07, 23:17
i dislike:
*fake people (liars, two-faced, etc.)
*when people scrap their teeth against the fork when eating
*when you're im-ing someone and they honestly take the time to TyPe EvErY wOrD lIkE tHiS
*people who step off the curb right infront of the car you're in and then think you're an ass cause you slam on the brakes
*people who laugh and then say, "i don't get it"
*talkers/cell phones in the theater
*people who get behind you and try to power walk
*one of my aunts will call and ask what someone else is doing. after you tell her she repeats it back as a question. annoys the poo out of me. sometimes i just wanna scream, "No, Elaine, I just said that so I could shoot you down when you repeated it!" lol
*when people insist on touching me or playing with my hair when i don't know them
*standing in close proximity to someone else
*when people think they can sing
sometimes i get annoyed with people and society so easy, i guess minoring in sociology wasn't a good idea.

things other than people/their actions:
*those itty-bitty desks they stick you with in college. if i have to pay an arm, a leg and half of a kidney for my text book and then lug it to the other side of campus they could at least get me a desk the flipping book will fit on
*junk mail/spam

i also seriously hate it when people spit. not necessarily when they're talking, just spitting in general. i absolutely shudder and nearly gag if i can even heard someone spit a loogie. yuck

22-01-07, 23:19
My biggest pet peeve is when ppl are cooking and they taste test the food with the spoon they are cooking with, and then put the spoon back in the food. That is just straight up nasty.

22-01-07, 23:50
I hate:

Neds (chavs)
Folk who take pleasure in winding me up
Stale muffins
Flat Pepsi
Raisins in my curry
My college lecturer :p
Folk who refuse to use proper English online
Anyone who spends more time picking out faults in others than sorting their own issues

-People who always say ‘What’ after you've said something, and then you need to say it all over again.

I'm guilty of that... but it's only because everyone here mumbles or doesn't talk properly, eg...
Them: Whi' yay dae'n fur y'r projeck?"
Me: Whaaa...?
Me: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/272/sweatdropwx1.gif

22-01-07, 23:52
When people make a "Peet Peeves" thread. ;)

LOL jk (:p)


People talking on the phone really loud.
Wannabes... trying to be everything. Don't even know if that's a word.
Egocentric people putting you down.

And soo much more.

22-01-07, 23:58
I'm guilty of that... but it's only because everyone here mumbles or doesn't talk properly, eg...
Them: Whi' yay dae'n fur y'r projeck?"
Me: Whaaa...?
Me: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/272/sweatdropwx1.gif
My friend has this habit of saying “what” even though she heard what I said. And then I start to say it again, and when I’m finished she says “what” again… And she does this all the time.. Sometimes I repeat myself three times! She said to me that it’s become a think she just do, she doesn't even know that she’s doing it. She does this to everyone, even her school teacher. :p
Everyone is getting so mad every time she does this..

23-01-07, 00:12
People standing too close to me in public! Total strangers, even when there's plenty of room!

23-01-07, 00:28

People who does nothing at all,but it's looked at like if they're are some kind of special ones
People speaking when I'm trying to sleep
People speaking right after I began to awake
Children making stupid noises at restaurants
People using noob speak
People not using dots,comas,etc
Kurtis SPAM Sprout

23-01-07, 06:06
People standing too close to me in public! Total strangers, even when there's plenty of room!
Argh! I hate that too! :mad: :hea:

23-01-07, 06:37
I hate it when:

- People don't use ANY grammar or punctuation in their posts
- People stand behind me and breathe down my neck
- People spit
- People that talk louder than when my mum screams on the phone
- My parents tell me to get off TRF and do homework, even when I don't have any
- People are stubborn
- People that just absolutely will not shut up while watching a movie
- When the light is on while watching a movie
- People who say "What?" after I tell them something
- Homework
- And for God's sake, people who ring up your phone, someone you completely don't know, and they offer you free services :mad:

Mad Tony
23-01-07, 07:24
There's too many to list! :p

Melonie Tomb Raider
23-01-07, 07:53
When a group of people are eating chips and dip and somebody says, "No double dipping!"

23-01-07, 08:04

1. That crunch that really fine sand makes when you step on it... it makes me feel kind of nauseous.
2. When someone chews in my ear. If they're chewing silently, it's ok. But if they're smacking their lips, making odd crunching noises, etc. it starts to get on my nerves.
3. When I accidentally misspell "nerves" as "nerds"! :p (I caught myself doing this in number 2!)
4. When I can't think of any more pet peeves, but want to keep going.
5. When I finish a list! :D

23-01-07, 08:26
People who dip their chip, then take a big, slobbery bite out of it, and stick it back into the dip for another mouthful. :p THAT'S GROSS. No double dipping at my party!

23-01-07, 11:09
I hate:
Folk who refuse to use proper English online

You know some people try very hard............:(

23-01-07, 11:41
~ People who talk too loudly on their mobiles. Honestly, I don't want to know your private business!
~ People who chew with their mouths open and generally eat like slobs.
~ People who don't like my dogs. Love me, love my dogs. Otherwise go away.
~ People who go 'Eeeeww, that's gross!' at the sight of raw fish, or indeed at fish in any other state than fish fingers.
~ Wannabe anime and manga artists that there are just too damn many of.
~ Relatives who pay us a visit without at least asking first to see if it's convenient.
~ Big Brother, I'm A Celebrity and other such travesties of entertainment.
~ People I don't really know bothering me on MSN.
~ My Chemical Romance and their ilk
~ Unruly children
~ Rap music
~ Emo kids
~ Chavs

I have a lot more peeves, but I'll leave it at those for now. *is getting annoyed just thinking about the above*

Lara's Boy
23-01-07, 13:12
Hm...I have so many, I'll just put down a few:

First, I'll just say that people in general irk me...

1. People standing way to close to me in line, especially at Wal-Mart. I already hate having to be here, do you REALLY have to be that close to me?

2. People who don't use hand sanitizer

3. People who stare at me

4. People who try to talk to me when it's obvious I'm otherwise busy (I'm in Starbucks enjoying a nice mocha and a self-help book, and this little brat asks me a math question!!)

5. Math Questions

6. People who can't seem to understand my name...it's THREE FREAKING LETTERS!!! I can't tell you how many times I've been called Scott or Rick :rolleyes:

7. When I have to repeat my order at a restaurant

8. When, after having repeated my order, I am told that what I want cannot be served at the moment

9. People who breath too loudly

10. Being asked how old I am, and then being told that I look much younger (please, don't make me feel like a kid, lol)

11. I HATE it when people eat with any metallic object (fork, spoon, what have you) and I can hear their teeth scraping!!

12. People who insist on blowing their noses in public

13. People who can't pronounce 'particularly' or 'singularly'

I could keep going, but my fingers are getting tired :p

23-01-07, 13:32
9. People who breath too loudly

Oh, I forgot to add that to my list! :cln: Or worse yet, people who breathe loudly WHILE chewing with their mouths open. *facepalm*

23-01-07, 13:43
People smoking and coughing over you and not caring.
People who have a trolley full of food and wont let some old disabled woman in front to pay for her daily paper.
Yer but no but woteva Mingeeerrrrrr.....say no-more
cocky arrogant year 7's
people who question everything without wanting an answer
people who touch other peoples food, when they're preparing it and pratically cuddle it.
Over use of deodrant
'Penny up the wall'. the gambling game thats all the rage in younger years. ( anyone else have it at their school, ****ing ****es me off)

23-01-07, 13:48
People standing and waiting in doorways thus blocking the way
People walking on the RIGHT side of the path when we drive on the left!
People who waste a good beer by downing it
People who treat women like crap


Ada the Mental
23-01-07, 14:11
~My brother.
~My brother
~My brother
~People standing too close to me.
~People peering over my shoulder when I'm doing sth,especially when I'm online.I feel i'm being spied upon.
~My sister
~People who talk loudly on the phine.
~People who cheer,shout etc in the cinema when something happens.It's usually gangs of teenage boys.
~People questioning me about the movie I'm watching when I'm lying on the sofa with a bag of popcorn."What are you watchng?Is it good?Blah,blah,blah..."Let me watch the goddamned movie!
~When the assistant at the video club reminds I've rented that before."Hello!I know I did,am I allowed to rent it again,aren't I?"
~The sound the MSN windows do when someone replies!
~The stupid vibrating,ringing notification on MSN.It drives me nuts,especially when the person I'm chatting with sends it each time I don't reply within 2 seconds.
~All sorts of text speach and deliberate misuse of proper grammar.
~Modern Greek music,AKA "Skyladika".:hea:
~Rap,Hip-Hop etc
~The fact that the TV is ALWAYS on at my house.Thanks to my grandfather....
~My mum always remembering to do something that involves passing past the TV when I'm playing a video game.
~People touching my hair.:yik:
~Spam pop-ups.
~Pop music
~Anything "in".Currently the "Innest" thing here are hightops.I hate them.
~Brad-Angelina-Jennifer-Sick of hearing EVERYWHERE about those idiots.
~Screeching sounds like scrathing you nails on glass.:eek: :yik: *shudders*
~People who always complain.Whoops!I think i'm one of them!

Anyway,I could go on forever!:D :p

23-01-07, 14:30
Cell phones.... :hea: :hea: :hea: :hea: :hea: :hea:

Rap Music/ Hip Hop.... :hea: Nothing worse than hearing that crap playing..... :mad:

Other people driving and cutting me off or speeding up just to pass me just to make a turn right in front of me when there isn't anyone behind me.

People who don't put stuff back were it goes.

Not putting the cap back on the Toothpaste.

Slobs in general

Out of control kids

People who think they are important

People who look down on others, jerks etc.

Too many more to list....

23-01-07, 14:40
You should have called this the "Bah humbug" thread :rolleyes:

My pet hates; the things that really make me mad inside http://foolstown.com/sm/zav.gif:

*mobile phones
*people who talk incestantly on mobile phones
*spam (both the canned food and useless topics/emails/junk through the letterbox)
*when the cat widdles on the keyboard and I only find out after five minutes' worth of typing (fortunately this doesn't happen very often since I stuck that cork up his bum)
*other drivers doing stupid things like not indicating, not going fast enough/going too fast etc
*the smell (and taste) of HP sauce
*not typing/writing in good english (especially since there're things called DICTIONARIES and SPELLCHECKERS!! :hea:)

Bah humbug!