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22-01-07, 23:44
hey i aint been on here for agesssssss! i forgot my password so here a nu un for me :) i know its a bad thing to do but i aint played the old tr for ages and i finally got my old playstation back of my exgirlfriend the other day but none of the tombraiders seemed to be there and i remebered i lost em ages ago. gutted. so i browsed the net to see if they were any roms available but i had no luck. i know its bad and i shud go buy them which i will do eventually. but i just wanna play them now! haha! if someone could give me some kind of link to them that would be awesome!
i really wanna start tr3!

22-01-07, 23:48
You could download a demo of Tomb Raider III on www.tombraiderchronicles.com (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com)
You can start playing the game, but you'll need to bye it to finish it.

You should bye the games as soon as you can and start playing again! :D

23-01-07, 00:40
yeah i shud go out n buy it but i dunno ive just wanted all day just to play it!!! its mad! ill go check out the local game stores see if they have any preowned ones

cheers for the quick reply anyway!