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23-01-07, 13:42
I am at my local library and I am trying to go on jeropets(dot)com and PlanetLara(dot)com but the sites are redirecting to www(dot)foxmovies(dot)com.

I have found this by trying to to view Zecaro(dot)com but it didn't load up and I click the properties button and this showed up.


What does it mean. I really would like to know as I really want to go on thoses website today and FOX will not let me.

P.S: Can fox get sued for this, if this is some kind of programe which redirects websites to its movies. I tried there home page but they don't have e-mail addresses at the moment. Could somebody help me. Please.

23-01-07, 13:44
I have no clue about the link, although you may be able to use a proxy to get to the sites you want.

Try www.geek(-)tunnel.com and that may link you around the librarys system, the link isn't right as i can't remember the correct way it goes.

Good luck,


23-01-07, 13:56
Thanks for helping me but the site doesn't work. I have found another proxysite though and I am now on the sites I want to view. Thanks for your help again.


P.S: Can a admin close this thread and get rid of this "P.S" thing for me. Thank You.

23-01-07, 14:43
P.S: Can a admin close this thread and get rid of this "P.S" thing for me. Thank You.

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