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Kangaroo poo
24-01-07, 08:36
its really good i was shocked when the girl and mum died

well more like ::yik:

24-01-07, 08:41
I havent watched it yet, but according to my sister it was funny and typical, like, you would predict when its going to happen o.o But I really wont know till I watch it which wont happen anytime soon xD

24-01-07, 08:41

Catching flies ay?

Yeah it's a really good film, Lot's of jumpy bits.... Think i'm going to buy this on dvd when i have the money.

24-01-07, 08:43
I've heard of the film but never seen it from what i've heard i gather it's a horror film?.

24-01-07, 10:50
My friends saw it when they were eleven, and the Omen too...and Hostel, OMFG! I can't even watch chucky, I just can't watch horror films, especially Barbie Nutcracker :p cause I have nightmares for years after sick films like that. :cln:

Legend 4ever
24-01-07, 11:08
The movie is great. But I kinda hate the humiliation of the good people. There was SO much anger in those disfigured people, that was really scary!

24-01-07, 11:52
:yik: I watched it only at the last half hour...and it was really freaky and frightening...:yik: I'm going to rent it...and see it all-from the begining-:jmp:

24-01-07, 15:20
great movie! omfg I was so scared...
Beast the dog is soooooo good and smart and mean ( against the mutants ) and super sweet for the kids

and Ruby was a bit like those 'mutants', but she was the only one who was sweet... she took good care for the baby... she even suicided for that baby
( about those 'mutants': well, they were people... but becouse of some test or something they became a bit like 'mutants')

24-01-07, 15:57
its really good i was shocked when the girl and mum died

well more like ::yik:

I guess those of us that have not seen it won't be shocked now.

24-01-07, 18:20
Are you talking about the 1977 original or the fairly recent remake?

24-01-07, 20:07
I guess those of us that have not seen it won't be shocked now.

Exactly :hea:
Thanks for ruining the plot :tmb:

24-01-07, 21:13
^ umm thats not the plot. You got an hour left after the film after that!! Cool blood scenes the girl from lost did a good job!

24-01-07, 22:27
I found it boring (the remake.)
But maybe its because I watched like the first half one night and the 2nd half the morning after ahaha...
Though I agree that the girl from lost (emilie de ravin) did a good job. she's pretty hot too.:]

24-01-07, 22:29
Yes She Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24-01-07, 22:48
It was terrible. I walked out. I can't believe someone let an 11 year-old watch that piece of trash. Not surprising nowadays... :rolleyes:

25-01-07, 01:06
the movie was awesome. the second one is coming out in a couple of months

25-01-07, 09:36
I wrote an essay on it for my university degree and I did a survey of people who had seen the film. You would be surprised how many parents the film upset. There was even a fireman who had a young child and he said it was the worst film he had seen. It was interesting seeing lots of different reactions to it.

Personally, I didn't enjoy the film because my other half got scared quite early on, jumped back whilst holding my hand and managed to sprain the tendons in my wrist, so I couldn't write for three weeks (my dissertation was due in in four) so the film has painful memories for me!

25-01-07, 09:45
I hate this movie. One of the lamest I saw last year.

25-01-07, 11:12
Still one that I have to see... I can't criticise something without seeing it XD although I'd rather watch the original first.

It looks like it's your typical horror/shock movie when all the scares are bangings in the wall, monsters jumping at you and other carnival ride type scares as well as buckets of gore. That last one always makes me laugh so I don't think it'd be an effective horror movie to me. An effective horror movie (to me at least) is the one that stays with you even afer you watched, the one that disturbed you so much that you can't go to sleep.

Gore in fiction fails to do that to me. But still, I'll have to rent it and see for myself.

26-01-07, 23:42
its really good i was shocked when the girl and mum died

well more like ::yik:

Umm. Did u just give away the ending??!!! Cuz we have ppl here who haven't seen it yet.

27-01-07, 00:04
The Hills Have Mice

27-01-07, 00:08
Umm. Did u just give away the ending??!!! Cuz we have ppl here who haven't seen it yet.

Don't worry that's not the ending.

27-01-07, 00:11
I saw the original and thought it was good for it's cornyness. Then I watched the remake and it was better, the girl from lost did a good job.

30-09-07, 16:07
I love this film, that baby's the cutest thing ever! lol I also like Emilie I'm doing a website on her. ;)

30-09-07, 16:51
Didn't mind either films, don't usually like so much gore but it's ok.

I hated when the SPOILER dad got burned alive on that tree, I hate seeing people burn SPOILER it was awful.:(

30-09-07, 16:52
Oh my God, ancient thread! :eek:

30-09-07, 16:54
Oh yeah just noticed :/

30-09-07, 20:04
Chloe, please don't bump threads.