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Jacob x5
24-01-07, 17:39
Ah, a plan. Let me put on my slightly larger glasses.

I loved this show when it was on. :D Is anyone here a fan?

For those who are not aware, a second series of The IT Crowd is set to broadcast on Channel 4 this Spring. :wve: This article was published in March 2006:

The IT Crowd to Return for Second Series

Channel 4 today confirmed that it has commissioned a second series of The IT Crowd. The critically-acclaimed sitcom, which is produced for Channel 4 by Talkback Thames, is written by Graham Linehan whose previous credits includes co-writing Father Ted and Black Books and is produced by Ash Atalla, best known as the producer of The Office. The series has been re-commissioned by Channel 4 Head of Comedy Caroline Leddy.
The IT Crowd is currently being broadcast on Channel 4 on Friday nights and the current series comes to the end of its six show run on Friday 3rd March. The second series has been extended to eight 30 minute episodes and is likely to air on C4 during 2007.
The IT Crowd centres around the world of an ignored and unloved office IT department and the relationship between the socially awkward IT staff and their computer ignorant boss. It stars Richard Ayoade as Moss, Chris ODowd as Roy and Katherine Parkinson as Jen.

Article here (http://www.channel4sales.com/news/home?year=2006&month=3&id=380).


Oh, and to expell all arguement, The IT Crowd has the IPA pronounciation [ɪt], in other words like the word 'it', not the initials I.T. :D The title is, according to Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org), a parody of the concept of 'it boys' and 'it girls' combined with "IT" for Information Technology. ;)

24-01-07, 17:48
Finally! I love this show! :D

24-01-07, 18:11
I love it a lot! Even though I dont live in England my friend used to link me to their episodes :D But that was like...A year ago or something oO; So funnaaay =D