View Full Version : "The Lost Room" TV Series Rocks!

25-01-07, 14:18
Has anyone seen "The Lost Room" TV series yet? It has that actor in it (Peter Krause) from Six Feet Under?

It is soooo good. I'm hooked already, and so far I've only seen the first episode. Basically the plot is about collecting mysterious objects with supernatural properties. One of the most powerful objects seems to be a universal key to open any door to transport you anywhere else. You can even do a Tomb Raider-ish trick to "combine objects" which then causes further strangeness to happen.

When I was watching it, I was thinking it was a bit like the X-files meets the Matrix meets The Wardrobe to Narnia/Stargate, meets Davinci Code meets Treasure Hunt to collect artifacts.#

Funny thing though... I didn't half laugh when I saw that actor Roger Bart playing in The Lost Room as Weasel, the bad guy. I last saw him acting as a camp boyfriend in Stepford Wives, and more recently as the crazed pharmacist boyfriend of Bree in Desperate Housewives.

Anyway, I wonder if there are any other TR fans out there who like this TV show.