View Full Version : Virtual Console Wishlist

28-01-07, 10:27
What are the boys andgirls of TRF waiting on...

for me I'd love to see Killer Instinct make an appearance, as well as the rest of the Super Mario Bros. series, a bit of Yoshi's Island and of course... NEW Super Mario Bros, I'm too pov to splash out on a DS!

TR freak
28-01-07, 10:34
Streets of rage! Cant wait for that. I think thats being released Q1 this year. It better be released at the same time in europe. I'm looking forward to loads of megadrive games on the VC. Castle of illusion would be a good one. I never had a nintendo console before wii so I dont have a clue what nintendo games I want.

28-01-07, 11:01
At the moment the game I want most is Secret of Mana from the Super Nintendo. I loved that game and thought it was better than A Link to the Past.

28-01-07, 11:21
Super Mario Kart - SNES
Super Mario RPG - SNES