View Full Version : Remake of an old game?? A first !!!

30-01-07, 13:55
I know other companies remake their older games like the sports games, Sonic, Pacman, shooty games , But is this a first for any company to redo an entire game from the olden days??

Anybody with PC video gaming experience know..

I would like them to redo Duke Nukem..... I still have the original but it does not play well on my Turbo boosted 2.2 GHZ dual charged machine. :D

Lara's Boy
30-01-07, 14:12
Well, if I get your question...they did remake the first Resident Evil a few years ago...

I haven't played any Duke Nukem games since I was a kid, but it probably would be fun to see a remake of his original adventure as well :D

30-01-07, 14:13
lol shouldn't this be in Video game section?

I don't know they remake Sonic? Sonic on 360 is surely not a remake of the classic:)

30-01-07, 14:17
Would Sonic fall under teh same category as adventure, level building.. Hmmm How old is Sonic..??

30-01-07, 15:33

btw, I like your avatar.Very nice:tmb:

Eddie Haskell
30-01-07, 15:50
The original Wolfenstein was basically a scrolling, stick-figure game. Then many years later it was recast as Wolfenstein 3D, and a whole new genre was born.

Btw, I actually still play Wolfenstein 3D, what an all-time classic!

30-01-07, 20:01
Well, like it was mentioned earlier the original Resident Evil was remade a couple years ago, and now Tomb Raider. Now all we need is a Silent Hill remake :D

30-01-07, 21:14
metal gear solid was remade into metal gear solid: the twin snakes a few years ago.

31-01-07, 06:33
*Ahem* Doom 3 was a remake of the original Doom 1.... actually more like a reimagining like Tomb Raider Anniversary will be of TR1. That one must have slipped your mind ay...
...And about the remaking Duke Nukem games, how bout we wait until Duke Forever comes out :P

31-01-07, 06:48
you can wait -forever- for that.

ha. ha. ha.


Alex Fly
31-01-07, 11:35
About Duke Nukem Forever... hahaha... I'm wondering if we'll be able to play this game one day ! :D

Maybe there's a little hope anyway (who knows) : The day before yesterday an official stamp at the effigy of the main character has been released by 3D Realms. They said the screen on this stamp is taken from the real game (it looks like a next gen render :tmb:)...

I couldn't believe it when I saw it !!! :jmp:

And now I don't know what to think about a future release of the game or not lol... ^^

the hooliganz
31-01-07, 11:47
i like a remake of crash bandicoot

Legend of Lara
31-01-07, 16:03
Sonic HAS been remade. Sonic Genesis for the GBA. But it has NOT been well recieved. ;)

It would be awesome to see a remake of Soul Blade/Soul Edge. :D

31-01-07, 18:36
It would be awesome to see a remake of Soul Blade/Soul Edge. :D *Fanboy Overload! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!* OII! Luffley idea! :jmp: