View Full Version : TR3: End of Ganges Jump?

30-08-05, 23:13
Godmother got greedy and tried the backdoor jump to the Ruins to get the goodies. Jumping over was okay, getting the goodies was okay but I can't get back. Has anyone done this before and made it to the end of the level? How? I've seen the screenshot from Stella's walkthrough, is that the only way? Hoping you good children have the answers.

30-08-05, 23:43
Hello Godmother
I assume you are doing the temple ruins level. I have TR3 going at the momemt. Tell me where you are (at what part of level)and I'll copy where you are. I don't think I've been where you are before.

30-08-05, 23:44
It's damn awkward. You could try }THIS (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/tr3/images/screens_level03.html){ way to get back.

30-08-05, 23:52
Ok now I know where you are, Level 3. I have done that. Save before you jump and keep on trying. (I hope you are on the PC?) Now you don't have the quad bike do you?

31-08-05, 00:38
I'm so not on the ball. This belongs in TR3 section. Moving...