View Full Version : Another World - 15th Anniversary edition

31-01-07, 01:48

Anyone with me? :)

07-02-07, 23:57
I'm with you! I love Another World, I'll always remember it fondly.

It's doubtful I'd buy a re-released special edition though as I still have a working copy for my old Amiga 500!

08-02-07, 09:55
Priceless! :) Did you play the demo? The new graphics looks nice, but not impressive. Maybe they should do a new 3D version? or a real sequel?

08-02-07, 19:41
I haven't played the demo. I've only seen the screenshots. The new graphics do look nice but I still think it looked great back in the day.

A real sequel would be fantastic! Some people thought Flashback was a sequel but it was actually an entirely new game - still good though :)

12-03-07, 19:47
I will be getting this game soon, I have heard and read from several places that this is the best adventure game of all time.

13-03-07, 00:52
What do you do in the game?