View Full Version : Help finding a videogame

31-01-07, 14:13
I remember reading in a game magazine a few years ago about a mystery solving game that had us receiving real e-mails and footage of murders as a part of the game, making it very involving. Since I don't have the magazine anymore and I don't remember the name, I was wondering if anyone knew the game or knew something like it.

31-01-07, 14:21
Check this out http://www.gamechronicles.com/reviews/pc/missing/body.htm

It says something about exchanging email's with game characters and stuff:)
Could it be the same game ?:wve:

31-01-07, 14:25
That's the game! It's also called In Memoriam and I was trying to remember and the only thing I remembered was that title was in latin XD thanks :)