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Yes! Get them! Fall in love with them!

Challenging, Beautiful, artistic, amazing, wonderful, lengthy, tricky, great fun, Huge adventures... GO for it :tmb:

02-02-07, 10:04
They are two of my favourite games of all time!
But they don't appeal to everybody.They have a playtime of about 10-12 hours,but it depends on the player.
I would suggest you try to rent them first,and if you like them buy them.Ico has a small price also.

02-02-07, 10:11
Abosultely amazing pair of games! :tmb: Buy it as soon as you can :jmp: I loved it, I needed a walkthrough a lot of the time though :p

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Bear in mind the sequel isn't as linear and straightforward, you have to explore a lot more, and there aren't so many big pitfalls for you to die from, because you have a whole land to explore, rather thans just a huge castle ;)

02-02-07, 12:05
I think they're the 2 bests adventure game ever (after tomb raider of course), especially this Shadow of the colossus , the graphics are stunning ! Great experience ! :tmb:

02-02-07, 12:07
There's such a wonderful feeling of Awe you get from the SoC game - there's one boss, a giant dog type thing that wakes up and comes stomping (slowly) at you through a valley, and you can hide out beneath in some ancient burial mound, and he'll come stomping around it, the character will stumble and fall, debris and dust will fall around you, such an amazing feeling of Wow.

02-02-07, 16:46
BTW,has anyone heard any news from the developers of SotC about their next project?
I once heard that F. Ueda (director,game designer) wants to make a PSP game but it's more possible that his next game goes on PS3...
Still noone knows what kind of game it will be.:(
I can't wait for some info!!!!

02-02-07, 19:42
Ico is a fantastic game, it quickly became of my favourites. It's just so...original. The gameplay is simplistic yet fun, and the graphics are breath-taking. It was so amazing to stand on one part of the castle and look over in the distance to recognise another place you've already visited.

I couldn't really get into Shadow of the Colossus, tbh. I played it the moment I'd finished Ico, so I suppose I was a little disappointed it wasn't more of the same. I might take it out and give it another chance.

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I haven't played Ico yet, but Shadow of the Colossus is awesome.

04-02-07, 00:06
Shadow of the Colossus is amazing. I had this great feeling of awe and accomplishment whenever I beat one of the Colossi. Like "Did I really just kill that huge thing?"

04-02-07, 00:18
Both games are in my list of all time favourites. They're are both masterpieces, unique, haunting & utterly beautiful. There is no other game like them & they're are the closest a game gets to being art!;)

Legend of Lara
04-02-07, 02:08
I have played both games.

Ico: It's beauty cannot be described in words. A haunting, sensational adventure that echoes in your mind forever.

Collossus: Only having a series of increasingly tough bosses was a brave move and a good obne at that. All wrapped up in a heartbreaking tale of a comatose girl.

Both are amazing! :tmb:

BTW, at the end of Ico, there's an immense twist... PM me if you wanna find out. ;)

04-02-07, 02:13
Could you possibly post some screens of the games? I've been looking for some new games to play and I like to know what I'm getting myself into before I play them. Thanx! :D

04-02-07, 02:14
Shadow of the Colossus is really impressive, especially for the PS2 console. However, the game was to challenging for me. I couldn't even get passed the first boss.

04-02-07, 05:53
Could you possibly post some screens of the games? I've been looking for some new games to play and I like to know what I'm getting myself into before I play them. Thanx! :D





Shadow of the Colossus




and the God of video games:
Fumito Ueda

Laras Backpack
04-02-07, 11:47
I have both of these games and as everyone here has said- they are FANTASTIC! The very epitome of emotionally engaging, enjoyable and beautifully made games. :tmb: :tmb:

04-02-07, 11:57
I really need to buy Ico again! :D

05-02-07, 00:03
Yes, they are two of my favourite games of all time! In fact, Shadow of the Colossus may actually BE my favourite game of all time (as you may have guessed by looking at my avatar).

05-02-07, 10:45
Great pics, Megalith:tmb: They really are beautiful games.

Ico has got to be in my top five games, I can't praise it enough. I haven't played SotC yet though, I really should one of these days...

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01-03-07, 20:57
I payed heaps of money for ICO on ebay a few years ago cause I just HAD to have it.
it's number 4 on my all time favourite PS2 games list now <3

when I heard about SOTC I decided I had to have it, before even knowing one bit of it. The team that makes these games is 100% pure genius. SOTC didn't disappoint, I still love it to death (number 3 on my list :))

Both games have so much atmosphere! And they both have such emotionally touching endings.....

I can't wiat to see what team ICO has in store for us on PS3. I'm seriously buying a PS3 for that game alone. <3