View Full Version : Tomb Raider 1 Installation

02-02-07, 23:10
I'm just wondering if I need Glidos to install/play TR1 on XP or are there more ways to get it working ?
Thank you :)

02-02-07, 23:23
Yes: DgVoodoo. It is incorporated in The Advanced Installer. read instructions on our TR1 FAQ page (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/faq/tr1.html). Follow them exactly. :)
1. Install VDMSound 2.10
2. reboot PC!
3. Install TR1 using the Advanced Installer. select TR Original, yes to DgVoodoo (1.31 or 1.40) etcetera.

Glidos costs $10,- . The free trial ruins the game with its spinning logo.