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04-02-07, 15:15
Does anyone else here like the game series Clock Tower?

Personally I love these games, they defined the Survival Horror genre and gave gaming its first serial killer, Scissorman!

I haven't played Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within because sadly it's only for the US and I had to go and break my PS with a non-regional chip :hea:
Oh well, Clock Tower: The First Fear, Clock Tower (PS) and Clock Tower 3 are some of the best games I've ever played! :jmp:

I'm alos looking forward to seeing how they pull off the movie that's released in 2008.

04-02-07, 15:50
There makin a movie what plz tell me more?!!!

I love clock tower the original was my fav,u didnt miss anythign with CT2 though mine had a glitch in it so i could never finish it it reminded me alot of clock tower 3.

I never got to play the one for snes did u?
I wanna lol

I still have the first one in mint condition!!:jmp:

04-02-07, 18:00
i lve ct3!!!! i made a thread like this but it died :( good luck with yours tho! :)

tell about the movie!!!

04-02-07, 19:10
I have clock tower 2 and 3. I want the original:(
Clock Tower 2 is some click away game that I spend many times clicking away like nuts, and I don't really enjoy it.
Clock Tower 3 is just amazing, graphically and they feature a new control. I have the Japanese and English version:D I found that the japan version is more appealing mostly because of the voice acting of Alyssa:) She really put her heart on that character in that version.

This thread needs some visual aids to be interesting;)

http://img452.imageshack.us/img452/2882/update103005clocktower3zu9.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
"I just saw william hung naked! It was mortifying"

http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/3685/1062440296sixui6.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
"This is what happens when you said you drop the golden axe in the river but actually you drop a dime"

http://img463.imageshack.us/img463/8831/clocktower24ie9.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
"Come inside the house quickly mister exterminator! There's a huge cockroach on the table!"

http://img394.imageshack.us/img394/4269/screen2largeul6.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
"Like yeah Zip, I can do RAD mode with my holy water" :rolleyes:

But yeah,tell us about the movie.