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04-02-07, 20:40
Will their be a pricecut for Europe, America, Japan and any other country the console is released in?

Mad Tony
04-02-07, 20:42
I doubt it.
Sony already are losing a heck of a lot of money with the PS3.

04-02-07, 20:45
Ha! Yeah, that's gonna happen :rolleyes: Sony are being so greedy with this thing, it wont have a price cut for at least another year.

04-02-07, 20:52
I can wait a year or more for the price to go down. TR8, RE5 and FF13 won't be released sooner than 2008 anyway.

Lara Lover
04-02-07, 20:52
I can wait a year or more for the price to go down. TR8, RE5 and FF13 won't be released sooner than 2008 anyway.

Yeah, I'm keeping my Xbox 360 until the PS3 prices fall way down. :p

05-02-07, 14:41
"This week, Sony announced that profits had fallen some 5.3 percent over last year in the company as a whole, with the games division suffering third-quarter losses of 54.2 billion yen (approx $455 million). Some had predicted that the company would suffer even greater losses. In a survey conducted by Bloomberg of five industry analysts, the median estimate was that the company would report a 50 percent loss.

Historically, the time period after a console's launch sees the parent company reporting a loss, a gamble that is intended to pay off when profits are recouped from software sales. Sony's senior vice president, Takao Yuhara, told the Associated Press that his company's loss could in fact be more than the 200 billion yen (approx $1.6 billion) that Sony has currently forecast for the financial year ending March.

Many of the costs associated with the PlayStation 3's launch were higher than anticipated, including advertising promotions and production delays that forced the company to use air rather than sea shipping.

Yuhara revealed that Sony's strategy was to have the games division breaking even by the end of the next fiscal year, March 2008. He told AP, ''Such factors, including price cuts to some extent, are factored in'' to the company's break-even plans. No date was given for when Sony would be considering making the cut or how much it would be slashing from the current price of $599 for the 60GB model (which will be 599 euros in Europe, £425 in the UK).

The company has already made the unusual move of cutting the PS3's price in Japan, where the console was launched on November 11, taking the 20GB version to 49,980 yen ($429), 10,000 yen ($85) less than previously slated. However, this move appeared to backfire, as it was slammed by some analysts, and the company's shares took a tumble after the announcement."


06-02-07, 06:40
I can't afford it here (aust.) and it hasn't come out here yet anyway so I guess i'll have to wait 5 years to buy it :o

06-02-07, 10:58
i feel sorry for sony now.

06-02-07, 11:00
i feel sorry for sony now.

How can you feel sorry for Sony ? Let the company die for crying out loud!!!:mad:


06-02-07, 11:10
How can you feel sorry for Sony ? Let the company die for crying out loud!!!:mad:


I agree with you george , even the price of the 360 should go down a little bit , but i prefer the 360 than the PS3 ! :tmb:

06-02-07, 17:26
Sony put too many things into the console. I want too play games, not put videos, photos and music on there. Thats why i got my stereo! Its a PLAYstation for crying out loud. I want to play games, not lost my money! I might buy the X360. What are the PS3 exculsives? Because the only one I know of is tekken but they are boring! TR and GTA are for Xbox! Forget the PS3. I'm moving to Xbox. I bet the PS4 will be 1000!

06-02-07, 17:36
To be honest, I'm still getting a Playstation 3, no matter what people say about it, saying it's bad and stuff like Sony are losing profit and fans.

06-02-07, 17:43
Forget the PS3. I'm moving to Xbox. I bet the PS4 will be 1000!

The grass is much greener on the xbox side:yah::tmb:

06-02-07, 18:20
Glad too hear it! I'l be getting one in June. Whether their good or not by then. I just want a next gen system that doesn't make my wallet empty... Anyway. The PS3 is not just for gamers. I think X360 is about photos and that too but yeh. But I still love my PS2. I'll miss it when it goes under my bed or sometihn lol. Weird I know...

07-02-07, 19:19
i may get a ps3 because i want a blue ray dvd player

08-02-07, 10:15
PS3 is just too expensive! I mean the main target group are teenagers with low budgets. So if the parents are not wealthy... Sony gets the bill :ton:

08-02-07, 17:42
I doubt the ps3 will have a price cut. they want to make as much money as they can. A store next to my house is selling 60gb ps3 bundled with a sony bravia hdtv for $2300, and you can't just buy the ps3 by itself. :confused:

08-02-07, 17:46
Sony gets the bill :ton:


08-02-07, 18:15
Every product has a price cut after some time. It's logical.

08-02-07, 20:02
The problem with the Sony Playstation 3 is people think of it as a game counsel, not an entire entertainment center. They put too much useless crap in there that no one is ever gonna use. This made the price too high as a result, and why purchase the Playstation for that price if you're only useing it for games? What Sony should look into doing, is redoing the Ps3 to be a strictly game playing product, or just similar to what the Ps2 was just with improved graphics and engine and stuff. Drop the price down to like $250, and then they'll start seeing sales again.

I watch so many people come to demo the Ps3 we have on display at my job, and they get ****ed cause there is only 2 games on the demo, a basketball game thing and a race car thing. The rest is filled with videos about how fantastic the Ps3 is that no body wants to watch and a stupid jazzy music soundtrack that no one can figure how to get out of once they are in it. Someone accidently discovered the picture slideshow on there. What is with all that crap? Where are the video games! Thats all that matters!

08-02-07, 20:20
The PS3 on its own is 430 and I don't know about the american price, but seeing as you won't get a PS3 and no games were lookin at like 500 just too play games. Xbox 360 - 300 with a game.

08-02-07, 21:21
Well, as I've mentioned, we have Ps3 where I work. When a costumer purchase one of those bad boys, a couple of games, a second controller, a service plan to protect the thing, and then slap on some tax (oh gawd....didn't America rebel against that?) they get up into quadruple digits total.

Yeah, so, buying the Ps3 by itself would be pointless, we need to take into factor the other stuff that would count into the total that will ring up.

09-02-07, 06:12

Nope. Bill = invoice :)

09-02-07, 06:13
The grass is much greener on the xbox side:yah::tmb:

Thats right. Because it's possible to create a backup.