View Full Version : Rogue Galaxy ; anyone?

05-02-07, 21:39
Has anyone played this new RPG yet?

By the makers of Dark Cloud 2 and Dragon Quest VIII.

It looks really good but just trying to get more insight from peers.

I'm the type of gamer that I can handle and like light hearted stuff so I'm open to anything.

05-02-07, 22:09
I'm really looking forward for this game,but i have to wait a bit longer for it to be released in Europe.
I'm currently playing Dragon Quest VIII and so far the game looks great!
But i'm more curious about Level 5's upcoming PS3 title White Knight's Tale.The trailer was unbelievable!

06-02-07, 05:47
I really want to play it, but I don't have $40 to spend for it. Maybe I should rent it. XD

07-02-07, 17:30
i saw an article in a PS2 magazine ages ago and i quite liked the look of it. But then i forgot about it and ive only just remebered it.

07-02-07, 18:04
I really want to play it, but I don't have $40 to spend for it. Maybe I should rent it. XD

Actually i think you should wait and buy the game...:)
Games that big(Dragon Quest VIII is HUGE and very time consuming)are not worth renting.You could end up paying more than it's actual price.

Some screenshots for those who haven't heard about it







Btw,there's a lot of stuff in the official website plus a cool mini-game!

07-02-07, 18:17
Surroundings are amazing. They remind me of Indiana Jones game series...
I'll have to rent it from somewhere!