View Full Version : 18 Hush-hush under developement 360 Titles.

07-02-07, 17:57

Intersteller Marine, Shadow of Aten and Dogtag have me all jumpy Lol! Just look at the graphics of intersteller marine in that link. Gosh...

dream raider
07-02-07, 18:31
2 days Vegas looks nice but I would only get it if you could make someone that looks like Lara. I'm a Lara-only fan:)

07-02-07, 19:30
some of this games are R.I.P.

07-02-07, 19:53
Dammit Catapharact those links of yours are crashing my PC!

07-02-07, 20:17
Woops! My apologies. Yeah a warning people; The links have multiple pop-up problems. Be sure you ahve armed your pop-up blockers.

07-02-07, 20:49
Been dying for Metronome since before the 360 was released!

07-02-07, 20:54
I've known about 2 Days To Vegas for ages. I don't see how that's hush hush. I do know one they left out. It's a 360 exclusive and that's all we know -- Splinter Cell: Conviction. That's very hush as of now.

08-02-07, 00:13
Two Worlds! IGN have had stuff on that for ages. If you search here, you will even find a thread i made comparing it to Oblivion.

The Shadow of Aten, does sound good though!