View Full Version : 300 March To Glory Pack Shot (box artwork)

tlr online
08-02-07, 20:29
Thanks to Steven from Warner Bros. for this.

300 March To Glory Pack Shot (http://www.uiqo.com/games/300marchtoglory/box.html)

08-02-07, 20:31
Damn! That's a wicked cover!! I love the silhouettes of the falling soldiers on the left! :tmb:

08-02-07, 23:14
Apparently this game is only on the PSP, according to IGN. To that I say what a colossal waste! Ridiculous in the extreme that a game like this isn't out for the 360 and the PS3. What a horrible marketing decision, IMO. The PSP is great for some things but massive action games... um, NO.

This game could have been glorious on the next-gen systems!