View Full Version : Age of Empires 2 problems! :(

09-02-07, 16:15
I have a problem with this game that it autoscrolls ingame! :(

How can i get rid of that? Only way to get rid of it is to restart the computer and then start playing that game immediately. :( But it's boring to do that, anyone else havin this problem with this game?

09-02-07, 16:19
Autoscrolls? It just moves by its self?

I remember having that problem a long time ago when it would just run off to the side, but that was always because I had been playing way to long. XD

09-02-07, 16:29
Yes, scrolls to the upright, i have tried with patches but it dosn't get any better! :(

09-02-07, 16:44
Have you tried re-loading it into your computer?

09-02-07, 16:54
Yes i have done that in hope that it would work but it didn't! :(

What is a "Abit motherboard"? And "AbitEQ"

Read that i had to uninstall/disable that, But is that something every computer have?