View Full Version : Arc Twilight Of The Spirits. Any good?

10-02-07, 10:18
I have the demo of this game and I liked it, especially since I can make it in Italian :p

But my friend has the full game and said that its gameplay is slower than the demo, buggy and glitchy, no language selection and no FMVs :confused:, lame story plot that never folds and crappy voice acting and dialogue.

Should I bother with this game? Or is it pure crap like I've been told?

10-02-07, 10:29
This is one of the betterst ps2 jRPG:)

11-02-07, 01:31
I too have wondered about getting this RPG or not after playing a demo.:o

11-02-07, 08:48
Wouldn't be the first time that the demo is way better than the full game :o My friend said that all the good stuff was cut out.

11-02-07, 20:39
In english versioan voices are suxxx, but game i s goood:)

11-02-07, 21:27
Is there Language selection? audio I mean

11-02-07, 22:12
Is there Language selection? audio I mean

don't remember, maby:confused:

Only English and Greek :confused: