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10-02-07, 15:02
Do the expansion packs add more hairstyles? I've been bouncing around the net looking at tons of hairstyles you cna download for Sims2, but I was curious to know if any of the expansion packs have more hairs styles. When I read the back of the boxes or find a description on line I'll see like "120 new items like cloths and furniture." but no mention of hair.

10-02-07, 15:29
Yes, however they're very limited. You should try to find some at http://modthesims2.com/. It's the best site for anything you desire! :D

10-02-07, 15:38
Yes EP's add more hairstyles.
They also add more outfits and I think with OFB onwards they add footstep sounds depending on what ground your sims are walking on