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Agent 47
10-02-07, 20:12
"Three Kingdoms-Resurrection of the Dragon" (2008)

"Three Kingdoms- Resurrection of the Dragon" was just announced in Pusan International Film Festival. The project is based on "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" a vast 600-year-old novel by Luo Guangzhong that ranks as one of China's four most important pieces of literature. It is the first time this story will go on to big screen. In the past it has only been adapted for TV dramas. Andy Lau, Leon Lai, and Maggie Q will team up with Sammo who is set to play a role as well as direct the films action sequences in this Korea / China 25 million co-production.
Andy Lau will be "Zhao Yun", an important commander of the civil wars of the Three Kingdoms period of China. Leon Lai will be Zhou Yu, a famous militarist and strategist. Maggie Q will be Cao Ying.
Sammo hung will play the role of "Zhang Fei", one of the most famous generals in that period. "Black Mask" and "Dragon Squad" director Daniel Lee is set to direct. The film is set to go into production on March 2007.
info taken from the Sammo Hung website, this might please fans of the Dynasty Warriors series of games

being a fan of Hong Kong movies and of half the people in this film, i for one might enjoy it................i hope Sammo finds a roll for his best friends Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao, this could be used as the project that reunites them on the big screen, they all say they want to :jmp: