View Full Version : gba bios?

10-02-07, 22:34
Ok I don't think this is illegal but if it's please close this thread.

I just downloaded a gba emulator which I can play multiplayer on with ONE computer. So I see 2 gba screens. But I need a gba bios file for it. So I wonder if someone know where I can download a bios file for gba??

10-02-07, 23:42
The reason why they release emulators without the bios file is because they're illegal to download because they're copyright protected.

"Emulators that utilize a ROM BIOS that is copyrighted or patented are illegal.

All computer systems have a Basic Input-Output System, or BIOS, stored in the Read-Only Memory. The BIOS is a critical part of any system and must be faithfully reproduced in an emulator if that emulator is to function correctly. Certain emulator developers have done this by taking a verbatim copy of the BIOS from the system being emulated and sticking it into the emulator code -- which of course is illegal if the BIOS happens to be copyrighted, as is often the case. Apple and other system manufacturers have argued (successfully in court) that emulators that use verbatim BIOS copies are clear-cut cases of copyright infringement and should be banned."