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12-02-07, 09:44
Is this game any good?
i am wonderin if i should get it or not?
can you do all the thing that yo can do in the sims and sims 2 (like build houses, make villages, create people,)
is it the sims 2 but with an extra feature in it (going through peoples stories)?

i have got the sims 2 but no expansion packs!

12-02-07, 09:48
Its a seperate game, its like the PS2 version of The Sims with the PC version of The Sims 2. But Instead of making people, you get to play as either a man or a woman and it has a purpose rather than living everyday on the aspirations.

12-02-07, 09:51
The Sims Life Stories is almost the same thing as The Sims 2,but you don't build,you just live.It's their life,but you control it.And it has better graphics and some new great features.It isn't an expansion pack btw.

12-02-07, 10:18
it's kind of like story mode:wve:
I don't think it's out yet.

12-02-07, 10:26
it's kind of like story mode:wve:
I don't think it's out yet.

Only The Sims Life Stories is out:wve:

12-02-07, 10:28
What it's in the shops:yik:
I'm not getting it because The Sims+ Story mode = Utter crap:)

kill bill
12-02-07, 16:55
Its a rip off I brought mine back to store! Its sims 2 with story mode.And no eps!:(

12-02-07, 17:07
Life Stories, that remembers me of my first meet with The Sims. (Extreme nostalgia ahead!) I played the first one's console version, I fell in love with it and a while later I bought the original (And best! :D) Sims together with House Party.