View Full Version : best background in the game?

13-02-07, 16:13
Hi,in your opinion what is the best background in the game?.mine is the moving cat animation that you find in the temple of the cat level

13-02-07, 16:15
Ohh yeah, that was so cute :cln: I loved that one, when I saw it I started screeching (though that could have been coz of the real panthers running around after me...)
I always had a soft spot for the pulsating walls of Atlantis :hug: And the greenery in the Lost Valley. But then, they're the levels I play the most anyway xP So I could be biased.

13-02-07, 16:22
You call that a 'background'? :confused:

13-02-07, 16:49
Yeah, what exactly do you guys mean by "background"? Do you mean the textures?

13-02-07, 17:11

April Reanna
13-02-07, 17:21
moving cat animation?O_o I must have missed that. I only remember a cat statue

13-02-07, 17:23
i also like the waterfull animation on the 3rd level

13-02-07, 17:32
The moving cat animation was on the walls of the Temple of the Cat level (from Unfinished Business).

13-02-07, 17:43
i think there should have been more levels set in egypt,for example:when you get to that staue of the cat ,the level should have ended and start anouther level set in egypt.