View Full Version : New Ancient Wars Sparta screenshots released

tlr online
13-02-07, 22:38
More screenshots from Eidos, this time showcasing Ancient Wars Sparta on PC.

Ancient Wars Sparta Screenshots (http://www.uiqo.com/games/ancientwarssparta/screenshots.html)

13-02-07, 23:46
I've just checked out screenshots and googled for some info on this game. I Don't know if my PC will be able to run it but it looks like quite an interesting game.

14-02-07, 00:15
Not my type of game, but it looks amazing :tmb:

14-02-07, 20:39
I wish they'd release this for the 360! The time has come to break down all barriers between console/PC games. FPS's fulfilled their console destiny last generation... this time it should be RTS's!

Lara Croft!
15-02-07, 01:45
Never heard of the game before....It looks so cool!!!

15-02-07, 05:25
From the screenshots, I think it looks pretty interesting.

I'll keep track of it :tmb: