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14-02-07, 12:11
Hi, Im not sure if this is a fault or if its my fault but whenever I press right on the C stick and let go it carries on going that direction even when Im not pressing it.

I read in the manual that if u press the C-stick when the console in on it causes problems like that but the last few times I tried it, I didn't press any button till the game menu and still it does it. :hea: lol

Am I doing something wrong or do u think its a faulty controller, (it's a purple Official one btw :) )

14-02-07, 12:36
I remember something like this happening - apparently if you accidentally hold it down when it's loading or starting up then it'll keep happening. Restarting the console and making sure nothing was pressed fixed mine! :wve:

Failing that, just give the blighter a good shake ;)

14-02-07, 14:00
Thanks I'll give it a try :wve:

14-02-07, 16:12
I had the very same problem but with the main control stick on the left. It became loose after too much Mariokart and Metroid. Ingame, when having Samus look to the right she would spin round in circles (albeit v.slowly). I had no alternative but to use my spare controller. :(


14-02-07, 16:39
hi :wve: my bf decided to borrow my gc so i cant test it yet but ive been searching online and alot of people have had that problem and for some restarting worked and others had to replace it, so no real definite cause.
I gotta buy another contol anyway for two player games so ill see how that goes and if that still does it its probably my clumsy hands lol:o

Or when my bf brings it back and moans its not working properly, i'll let him think he's broke it and buy me a new one lol :mis: :D