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14-02-07, 15:38
Idk if this has been brought up before, but I found 1ups top 10 characters
Even though Lara isn't in the top 3 it's still good. It's pretty good that she has been in this 1up one, the top 10 female characters, and the gametrailers top characters.

Here's Gamespy's also look what Lara got :)

Laras Backpack
14-02-07, 15:43
Nice! Thanks for posting :tmb:
Can't believe she's behind Pikachu though! O.o WTF?!

Mad Tony
14-02-07, 15:43
Bad choices there, IMO.

Lara should've been second, only behind Solid Snake.

14-02-07, 16:15
The 1up list was crap as hell. She should have been first there. I'm happy with the Gamespy list, though. :D

14-02-07, 16:27
I liked the Gamespy list, Jill was in it [Only #7 though T.T] and Lara was #1! Wooo. :D

....1up sucked big time.

14-02-07, 16:52
This is top 2003, not 2006/2007

April Reanna
14-02-07, 17:40

14-02-07, 18:01
Mario is great! But why the hell is Lara BEHIND Pikachu on the 1UP list?! :confused:
Number 1 on the GameSpy list though!! :jmp:

14-02-07, 18:26
GameSpy are my heroes!!!!! #1 baby!!!!!

14-02-07, 18:38
Ha Ha Ha!GameSpy said that Samus is #10:vlol:
Lara is the BEST!
And I never ever beleive what 1up says(I wonder why?):whi:
Lara should be on #3,because Mario is great,and Pikachu is just too cute:p

14-02-07, 18:47
That list was crap.

I liked Gamespy's list though.

14-02-07, 19:22
I pretty much agree with 1up. We might not even be playing games today if it weren't for Mario. Link is a hero through and through. Snake is just plain cool. I can't comment on Samus. Sonic the Hedgehog is another iconic character in video gaming. Pac Man is a legend. I can't comment on Cloud or Master Chief. Pikachu conquered the real world for quite a few years. Finally, Lara Croft proved that females do have a place in gaming, and she's great in her own right.
I've not commented on everyone since I've not experienced enough of them to judge.

I didn't really check out the GameSpy list much. :p

Lara Croft!
15-02-07, 01:47
What I mostly noticed about the man that wrote the article is that he has a great taste....

Best Game: Tomb Raider 2 (PS1)

:jmp: :jmp: :jmp: :jmp: :jmp: :jmp: :jmp: :jmp: :jmp:

15-02-07, 02:04
That list is the worst I've ever seen. Even a pokemon owned Lara :(

15-02-07, 02:16
Lists are completely worthless. Read their own gutter-rat's comment what it's worth: The icon of "mature" gaming in the PlayStation era, Lara, in her first Tomb Raider adventure, proved you could have a quality platforming experience without having to collect 100 golden whatevers. It also introduced a frightening amount of fan fiction and bad Photoshop porn. You go, girl.
Best Game: Tomb Raider 2 (http://www.1up.com/do/gameOverview?cId=2017479) (PS1)
Most Embarrassing Moment: The last 20 or so Tomb Raider games. :rolleyes: "100 golden whatevers"? "bad Photoshop porn"? "The last 20"? :confused: "or so"?


EGM's list published 198 December 2005 (sic)

Gamespy's list published: May 4, 2003

Think before you post, oocladableeblah. ;)

15-02-07, 02:54
Hehe I didn't really read it I just look at who was in it. Atleast we know she was #1 :)

April Reanna
15-02-07, 05:25
yeah. the rewards hunt was kinda lame:p