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14-02-07, 18:58
List some of your favourite individual tracks from games (if you're not sure of the track's name, just put a brief description of how it sounds or where it features in the game). 10 is probably the best limit to stick too, and you don't have to put them in any order.

-Duke Nukem Theme - Lee Jackson (Duke Nukem 3D)
-Mombasa Suite - Martin O'Donnell (Halo 2)
-Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix - Martin O'Donnell (Halo 2)
-Dancing Mad - Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy VI/The Black Mages)
-Maybe I'm A Lion - Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy VIII/The Black Mages II)
-Metal Gear Solid 2 Main Theme - Harry Gregson-Williams (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty)
-Enclosure - KCEJ Sound Team (Metal Gear Solid)
-Tomb Raider Main Theme - Nathan McCree (Tomb Raider)
-FarCry Main Theme - Unknown (FarCry)
-Aeris' Theme - Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy VII)

Mad Tony
14-02-07, 19:01
Oh God, don't get me started.
I probably have at least 100. Give me a while and I'll sort through them and decide. :D

14-02-07, 19:08
Yeah. I could've listed half of the FF tracks... Limiting is very tricky.

Mad Tony
14-02-07, 19:27
All of the music on the "Tomorrow Never Dies" PS1 video game

Neo Tokyo - Graeme Norgate (TimeSplitters 2)
Cavern - KCEJ Sound Team (Metal Gear Solid)
Tomb Raider Main Theme - (Tomb Raider)
Tomb Raider II Main Theme - (Tomb Raider II)
Tomb Raider III Main Theme - (Tomb Raider III)
Arsenal Gear - Aoyama Ni-Chome - Norihiko Hibinio (Metal Gear Solid 2)
Memoria - Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy IX)

And that is really narrowing it down.

14-02-07, 20:18
This is a cruel rule, Psyched. There are various categories according to which I could group my favourite game tracks (and game music is, btw, almost the only music I listen to) and even then picking that few of them is a major pain in the arse. Right, these here are based on how long I've been listening to them, i.e. those I haven't got tired of regardless of how long I've had them. That doesn't equal the most brilliant, just the most persistent.

1. Auron's Theme - Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy X - dream of a synaesthete.
2. Beyond The Wasteland - Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - it's got an addictive rhythm. Shame the song went to waste(land) in a film that even compared to others game-based is a joke. (btw I know it is technically a film track, but I'm just not used to thinking of it as such. It's FFVII alright)
3. Toki-no Hourousha - Nobuo Uematsu, Risa Ohki - Final Fantasy Vocal Collections I: Pray - oh, the brass voice over a dark blue desert...
4. Harukanaru Kokyou - Nobuo Uematsu, Risa Ohki - Final Fantasy Vocal Collections II: Love Will Grow - don't ask why. It's just an obvious choice when I have no idea what to listen to next.
5. Yason - Jang, Sung-Woon (or something) - Magna Carta - one of the few good battle march themes I've found, quite ironically never used in a battle.
6. We've Got To Believe In Something - Kajiura Yuki - Xenosaga III - that's just got both the melody and the choirs - another "hole-filler".
7. Gagazet Mountain - Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi - Final Fantasy X-2 - for some reason it doesn't wear off as fast as the sappy melody of "People of the North Pole" from FFX, and I love mountain environment themes in general.
8. Into The Fray - Jack Wall - Jade Empire - drums drums drums!!! :cln: Even fake!
9. Unnamed piece from the "Mystery of the Trinity" mission briefing from FreeSpace 2 - Daniel Wentz - short and some would say dull, but sums up everything I've come to love about FreeSpace 2 atmosphere (uh, pun unintended). Although it's not the only FS2 track I can listen to over and over.
10 Klayman's Theme - Terry S. Taylor - Neverhood - :D That is the one soundtrack to rule them all. And you thought it was Uematsu all along? ;)

14-02-07, 20:49
Hmm.. so so many!

Tomb Raider II (Main Theme)
Longing for Home (Tomb Raider I)
Wondering Warrior (Shadow of the Colossus)
Final Fantasy X2 (Main Theme)
Final Fantasy VIII (Main Theme)
Aeris Theme (Final Fantasy VII)
Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts I)
Time to Run (Tomb Raider I)
ICO (Theme)

& so many more!:)

14-02-07, 20:52
I have to many so I will list my favourite ones:

TR1 Main Theme
TR3 Main Theme
Longing For Home - TR1
One Winged Angel - Final Fantasy VII:
Aeris/Aeirth Theme - Final Fantasy VII
Eyes On Me - Final Fantasy VIII
Liberi Fatali - Final Fantasy VIII
Melodies Of Life - Final Fantasy IX
1000 Words - Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy X-2 Main Theme

Legend of Lara
14-02-07, 21:00
No paticular order...

Sanctuary/More Affection Than You Know- Kingdom Hearts 2
Real Emotions- Final Fantasy X-2
Banana Heartbreak- Ape Escape 3 (funniest song ever)
Snake Eater- MGS3: Snake Eater/Subsistance
Spirit Awake- Viewtiful Joe
Level Select- Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
Chaos Emerald- Sonic Heroes
E.G.G.M.A.N- Sonic Adventure 2
I Am All of Me- Shadow the Hedgehog
TR1 main theme! :D

Laras Backpack
14-02-07, 21:03
There are so many! But the one that had the most impact on me is the soundtrack to Primal. The combat music in particular is by a band called 16Volt, who I hadn't heard of until I played the game. They're a fantastic band. Since buying their 'best of' album I've listened to it almost everyday. My favorite songs of theirs are the ones used in Primal- Suffering You, And I Go and Happy Pill are brilliant tracks! I can't wait for their new album this Spring! :D

14-02-07, 21:05
Laras Backpack - :tmb: Primal's got one of the best music scores in the history of gaming. It's a pity that ingame versions of 16 Volt music (without lyrics I mean) are nowhere available.

TR freak
14-02-07, 21:26
Just about every soundtrack in every level of the classic megadrive sonic series.

14-02-07, 22:53
I know what you mean, Forwen, but I have seen threads with multiple categories that become ridiculously cumbersome. I've also an expansive library of videogame music, comprised of MP3s and MIDIs, and it is hard to pick, so I had to try my best way from experience. ^_^

Makes me feel like I should've set the limit a little higher, though. :\

15-02-07, 13:28
GTA: Vice City- Video Killed the Radio Star.
Mowing down pedestrians just NEVER gets boring with this song!

15-02-07, 14:08
All the music from the sonic games
TR music especially TR1 and Legend
Outcast music, love it all :D thinkin about it makes me wanna play it again
All Sonic music :tmb:

15-02-07, 15:05
There are too many and I can't think of that many atm.
But one is above all:

Liberi Fatali -FFVIII

Makes me shiver everytime I hear it :D

15-02-07, 15:08
You're Not Here and Letter From The Lost Days by Akira Yamaoka are both fantastic. They're originally from the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack :)

Agent 47
15-02-07, 16:22
01, At Deep Mountain and Dark Valleys the Night Begins (RE mansion music)
02, Plant 42 (RE)
03, Flooded Corridor (RE)
04, Beginning the Story (RE2)
05, Escape From Laboratory (RE2)
06, Hitman 2 Main Theme
07, Dreams of Istanbul (Hitman 2)
08, White Room and Main Title (Hitman Contracts)
09, Apocalypse (Hitman BM)
10, Funeral (Hitman BM)
11, Mantis Hymn (MGS)
12, The Best Is Yet To Come (MGS)
13, Hometown (SH3)
and the whole of the BLACK OST album :D and RE3 :D

15-02-07, 16:25
Too many to list here...

Here's three of my many faves.

Metroid Prime - Title Screen & Ingame

GTA III - Flashback FM (That Blondie track was cool - worked well with the game. What was it called?)

Killer Instinct 2 - All


Agent 47
15-02-07, 16:32
Too many to list here...

Here's three of my faves.

Metroid Prime - Title Screen & Ingame

GTA III - Flashback FM (That Blondie track was cool - worked well with the game. What was it called?)

Killer Instinct 2 - All


Blondie track is called Rush Rush :D also on the Scaface OST

15-02-07, 18:41
GTA Vice City: Alot of the songs on Emotion, VRock and Flash.
Shenmue 2: South Carmain QR night, Green Market QR night, Wise mens QR Night.
Sonic Adventure: Mystic Ruins.
Planescape Torment: Main theme.

And many more. :)

17-02-07, 02:14
My favorite would have to be all the tony hawk games.

17-02-07, 02:52
Final Fantasy 12 OST-Kiss Me Goodbye by Angela AKi