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15-02-07, 03:32
Anyone else here dying to play SM3?! :jmp: Tomorrow they are finally unveiling the game on Gamespot's "On The Spot"! They say it's gonna have a 5 minute interview with the developers and the first real trailer! :jmp:


I'm so excited! :jmp:

15-02-07, 03:43
It's definately one of my most anticipated games (and movies) of the year! :D I can't wait to see what they're going to do this time around! :jmp:

15-02-07, 03:56
when is spider man 3 coming out and when will they have a demo for it on xbox live

15-02-07, 15:23
when is spider man 3 coming out and when will they have a demo for it on xbox live

It's coming out May this year with the movie, I'm not sure about a demo though.

15-02-07, 18:28
I wonder if we'll be able to go to the construction site before the big battle at the end? :jmp: I hope we do because in the description that was released a few days ago said that we'd be able to go to places like the sewers, underground subways etc. :whi:


15-02-07, 22:07
Only 2 hours till we finally get some gameplay videos! :jmp:

15-02-07, 23:16
Is that pic of the game or movie?

15-02-07, 23:17
The website's up along with the forums! :jmp: Theres not a lot of new stuff though, it'll probably be updated tonight after everything airs on gamespot. You have to register to be a member to see the exclusive videos, trailers, screenshots & wallpapers, but you have to join before the 28th. AA, you should join! :D


The interview and trailer should air in less than 45 mins on gamespot! :jmp:

15-02-07, 23:19
Is that pic of the game or movie?

The movie of course! :ton: I just posted it so you guys could see the construction site in the backround where Spidey, VENOM!, Sandman & Harry all fight! :jmp:

15-02-07, 23:32
I'll join tomorrow. You'll be able to find me under the same name -- it's my forum name! :D

15-02-07, 23:54
The video should be up within the next five minutes! Right now they're just playing music like at the movies before the previews start. LOL

16-02-07, 00:08
It started!! They even showed a clip of Tomb Raider!

16-02-07, 01:16
:jmp: Wow! I'm a huge spidey fan!!

Hybrid Soldier
16-02-07, 01:27
The SM3 trailer was pretty sweet! That's awesome you can go underground now! :D

16-02-07, 01:49
Here's the trailer that I uploaded to my YouTube address http://youtube.com/profile?user=AmericanAssassin:


16-02-07, 02:29
You know what sucks? This game has interactive cutscenes!! :mad::hea::cen: Why do game developers keep putting those in games?! Nobody likes them!

16-02-07, 02:31
You know what sucks? This game has interactive cutscenes!! :mad::hea::cen: Why do game developers keep putting those in games?! Nobody likes them!
Does it really? :( I enjoyed sitting back every once in a while for Spider-Man 2: The Game. this sucks! :hea:

16-02-07, 02:36
I'm willing to let it slide though since this game is going to be pure awesomeness. :cool: I just hope they put more detail into the city and make the swinging more like SM2. Everything else looks great though!

Look at the detail in these pics!


16-02-07, 03:00
Very cool pix! :tmb: I'll have to save a few of them! :D

16-02-07, 03:55

16-02-07, 13:11
This game looks just as amazing as the movie! :jmp:

....hmmmm, Underground? Can anyone say The Lizard!!?! :jmp: :jmp:

Hybrid Soldier
17-02-07, 20:33
This would be the first Spider Man game with interactive cutscenes. I wouldn't mind it because it's Spider Man.

I have no doubt in my mind this will be the best Spider Man game to date. It looks to have MUCH detail, storyline will be awesome, there is still free roam...and considering it's on a next gen console, there will be a lot of places to explore. :D :jmp:

17-02-07, 21:22
Can you guys do me a favor? :o Can you just click this banner on this page? You don't have to do anything else, just click it. Or you can sign up if you want and get exclusive gameplay videos, trailers, screenshots etc. I'd recommend signing up though. :D


Agent Dee
18-02-07, 05:43
ack spam!! run away!!

18-02-07, 07:13
ack spam!! run away!!

It's not spam! :mad: It's part of the challenge at the official boards!

http://web.sm3thegame.com/myspace_images/2863_9999999_BannerPassContest1gif_0d3a55.pcx (http://web.sm3thegame.com/sw.php?a=HSJKLHDKJHDDUUIDHJKH&u=1787&m=2863/9999999/BannerPassContest1.gif)

The more clicks I get, the more points I get.

20-02-07, 05:58

OMG! It's teh Venom scratches! :jmp:

April Reanna
20-02-07, 07:46
will venom be in the movie?

20-02-07, 07:52
will venom be in the movie?

Yep! And I can't wait to finally see him! :jmp:

Here's some concept designs:



This is what he's gonna look like, except the spider may be grey.

April Reanna
20-02-07, 09:52
oooh Yeah! At first I thought only sandman will be the villain but now there's harry and venom,this is exciting!:yah::jmp:
I bet venom's tongue and mouth will be scary to look at:mis::cln:

and lol:vlol: harry looks like a kid from tony hawk pro skater game.his dad has better fashion taste I suppose:whi:

21-02-07, 06:00
:jmp: They answered my questions that I posted at the official site! :jmp:


Spidey Web Slinger - gtkilla
1. What swinging system are you guys using for SM3, USM's or SM2's? (because we all want SM2's, or at least an improved version, but I don't see how you can improve upon perfection.)
2. Will there be a large variety of side missions?
3. Will there be swinging upgrades?
• GTKilla, Thanks for all of your questions. I had to slim down the list and will try to do my best to answer as many of them as possible. To your questions, you will be excited to see what we’ve done with Spider-Man 3 for a number of reasons. First, we essentially broke down the research of what gamers, Spidey Fans and non-Spidey Fans, said about every Spider-Man game we’ve made to date. Next, our development team looked at ways to improve every one of the things in Spider-Man 3. For example, we heard your comments on the swinging comparisons and what you’ll see in Spider-Man 3 is by far the best swinging mechanic we’ve had to date. In addition, we looked how to improve the side mission aspect of the game to avoid repetitive game play. I can’t talk too much about this yet but I think you’ll be surprised at some of the cool features (hint: NO MORE BALLOONS). (BTW, GTkilla, you didn’t “get” all of our villains online. You’ll find we changed that daily just to have a little fun with our fans. I think if you search again, you might find some missing, more added. Have fun!)

Spidey Web Slinger - Ryuuie
4. How will the Wii version differ from the rest of the versions (besides graphics and controls)?
• There are so many ways that the Wii version will be different than, in my opinion, any game seen on the Wii so far. I’m not going to write a full description here because it doesn’t translate well into words but we are going to be working on a Wii specific game trailer to show just how cool the Wii version will be for you. I’ll let you know when to expect that but you’re going to be happy if you own a Wii.

Spidey Web Slinger - Kenmejia
5. Will venom be in for more than half the game ???
• I can’t answer any questions about Venom other than to say you will get some awesome insights into how Venom looks and plays in this game within the next month. We know how popular Venom is and we won’t disappoint (but we also won’t answer for a little while).

Spidey Web Slinger - OrionPaximusPrime
6. Can we expect spidey's acrobatics repertoire to be broadened?
• As I mentioned in my comments to GTKilla above, you can safely expect a very realistic and expanded repertoire for our favorite Super Hero. Spidey will not only look great, he’ll move great and push the limits of everything you’ve ever seen Spider-Man do. One thing you can make him do is this really cool spin and twist while web-slinging. If you watch the 1st gameplay video and interview with our developer closely, you’ll get a feel for just how cool Spidey will be in this game.

Spidey Web Slinger - Kal1138
7. The fight between Peter and the New Goblin. Is it only played as an interactive cut-scene or that’s just a part of the fight?
8. Unlockables. Spider-Man 2 didn’t have any. We read that Spider-Man 3 will have unlockables but can you tells us more about what they are? Costumes, bonus missions....?
• Kal1138 – Great questions and certainly ones which make it more difficult for me to post here. These are spoiler questions for me. I’d like to tell you some of this but we have to leave you hanging a little bit don’t we? Since you asked nicely, I will say this, I have played the New Goblin vs. Peter Parker fight and it is really fun, new, and different than anything we’ve done in Spider-Man. It’s going to require you to know more than just how to push a button that pops on the screen.

Spidey Web Slinger – wolfspider
9. Can we go inside more buildings?
• We’ve tried in so many ways to expand the city so you can expect a broad array of new places to swing, fight, traverse, or just check out.

QFT, just in case you guys can't access the site. Although, I recommend you sign up before you're too late and won't be able to get access to the exclusive content.

07-03-07, 23:49
For those of you who signed up, there are some new in-game movies in the media + video section of the official site. :)

08-03-07, 00:21
omg did he just throw his head in front of the train? Awesome!!! Cant wait to play this on the ps3!!

20-03-07, 00:55
Holy ****! The Lizard and Scorpion were confirmed as villains in the recent Gameinformer article!! :jmp: I can't wait to go into the sewers and fight him! :jmp: