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tlr online
15-02-07, 22:51
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[ February 15th 2007 ]

Eidos Interactive has released a brand new collection of screenshots showcasing Escape From Bug Island on Nintendo Wii video-game console. Developed by Spike Co., Escape From Bug Island will be released in 2007 exclusively for Nintendo Wii.

Escape From Bug Island is a 3rd person survival-horror game that takes a quirky, creepy and over-the-top journey onto an island filled with giant evil insects and mutant creatures.

Developed by Spike Co., Ltd. in Japan, Escape from Bug Island's control system takes advantage of everything the Wii has to offer and brings a spine-chilling workout from start to finish.

Offering hundreds of enemies to stomp on, squash, smash, and blow up and a vast array of weapons to keep you safe, Escape from Bug Island is an adventure that is a tribute to the classic campy B-horror movie.

ESCAPE FROM BUG ISLAND SCREENSHOTS (http://www.uiqo.com/games/escapefrombugisland/screenshots.html)

15-02-07, 22:52
Hey thanks Justin, this looks quite good for a Wii game.

16-02-07, 03:24
I'll be sure to play this... I try to not miss any survival horror games (well, I still own several that I haven't played yet, but I'll get to them)!

This looks like an interesting and different take on "survival horror". Thanks for the info!