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15-02-07, 23:53
hey guys

well ive just perchased the Pop trilogy (prince of persia) for my pc

and i am using a joypad (ps2 style) as i cant get used to teh mouse and


but no matter how i configure the pad i cant get the controls to feel 'right'

ive played the ps2 versions of sot and ww,

and i can never get the controls right

so does anybody know the ps2 controls

or a site where i can find them?


Luke ^_^

Alex Fly
16-02-07, 11:38
I've just found the Ps2 controls for WW on this website (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/g/playstation_2/prince_of_persia_3/controls.php), hope that will help you. I suppose the controls for the others are the same, otherwise I think they are probably on this website too... :wve:

16-02-07, 12:47
Thank you :D

Luke ^_^