View Full Version : Children Of Mana , Nintendo DS

16-02-07, 20:31

Wiki Page for it ! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children_of_Mana)

anyone got/played it?

I treated myself to it on Tuesday and so far have worked up 10 hours of gameplay haha

Its really good :) however the gameplay is getting sliiiightly repetative but not to a point where its bothering me...yet lol

in these arms
16-02-07, 20:53
Interesting. The I pretty much like anime games. They look so intense.
I'l be looking out for this game. But still I have loads more games on my list of needs.

17-02-07, 08:28
It's on my list to buy games.But i have so many games (and consoles) that i want to buy this year,that i'll be more than happy if i manage to buy it by the end of 2007.
I also want Dawn of Mana for the PS2...:(