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18-02-07, 03:02
I apologize if this subject has been posted before. I just recieved my copy of Legacy, and all I can say is wow! It is simple, the missions are short, but you are buying it for the ships. The detail these guys went into is amazing. And it was a pleasant surprise to have all five "commanding officers" make an appearence as voice overs (William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula). They even paid attention to the different phaser and torpedo tracer colors. Here are a few:








18-02-07, 08:13
Yes it has been discussed before by me and the Game is Awsome, but the Bugs are horrible with Targeting and Shooting and much more.

You never meet the Characters, but you do play the Star Trek Timeline.

18-02-07, 08:22
I wonder whether it will still work well on my old PC, especially since I'm still using Windows 2000. It looks like a nice game.

18-02-07, 09:18
I doubt it, but you can try.

I must warn you though, the Game is full of Serious Bugs.

18-02-07, 16:26
I haven't played this yet, but I have it for the 360. I read that the 360 version is much better than the PC one, with less bugs too. I hope!

18-02-07, 19:23
Those screenshots look great SamReeves! :tmb:

I'm going to buy this game after I've bought Tomb Raider Anniversary as I don't have enough money for both and Lara takes priority. :D

I can wait though seeing as I'm already having a great time playing Star Trek: Bridge Commander and I've already downloaded enough ships for that game to keep me occupied! :)

18-02-07, 21:19
Id rather you not waste your money on Star Trek Legacy, but instead save it for TRA and something else.