View Full Version : Two interesting XBox 360 rumors

19-02-07, 14:46
The first comes from gameinformer website:

"You canít keep a good rumor down. Just weeks after Microsoft stamped down talk that an HDMI-enabled Xbox 360, codenamed Zephyr, was in the works, the rumors are back. Retailers have confirmed that the new SKU is in their systems, set for a May 1 release for $479.99. In addition to the new video interface, the system would also pack a 120 GB hard drive into its nifty black exterior. Microsoft wonít officially confirm that such a configuration exists, but itís interesting that so many retailers are wrong in the same wayÖ"

The second was in this month's gameinformer magazine and said that the XBox360 is expected to have a price drop of about $100 some time this year.

dream raider
19-02-07, 16:27
I wonder why they are making it cheaper... Thanks for the information!:)

StUdEnT rAiDeR
19-02-07, 21:20
I wonder why they are making it cheaper... Thanks for the information!:)

obviosly so that they think ppl will buy it over the PS3 and it has already dropped here, the console is £249.99, used to be £279.99. and the core pack has dropped aswelll.

TR freak
19-02-07, 22:08
How much is a $100 price drop in pounds? That would make me consider getting an Xbox 360. I already have a wii and will be getting a PS3 late this year. Games for 360 and its LIVE service really make me want it but since I'm definitely getting a PS3 I wasn't sure if it was worth getting. If its getting a price drop soon I may get it. How much of a price drop is that in pounds?

19-02-07, 23:31
It's probably about £60 - £80

20-02-07, 08:05
$100 = £51.25

Not as much as I thought.