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20-02-07, 16:00
How do you get Bella Goth back in The Sims 2, also which one is real?

22-02-07, 18:32
I found this on Wikipedia, I hope it helps.

Many players believe that Bella Goth is in Strangetown, however avid players of the game will know that as Bella Goth still appears in the Goth family tree as being alive, she must still be in that neighbourhood. In fact she is still in Pleasantview and can be returned using a Boolprop cheat. The Bella Goth in Strangetown is a fake, a Townie created by Maxis to fool players into thinking that Bella had been abducted. If one looks closely, it is clear that there are obvious physical differences between the 'Real' Bella Goth of Pleasantview and the Strangetown Bella.

Maxis sure fooled me.

22-02-07, 18:41
Oh, I read an interview with Bella (made my Maxis obviously) saying that Bella Goth was actually in Strangetown

22-02-07, 18:53
Oh, I read an interview with Bella (made my Maxis obviously) saying that Bella Goth was actually in Strangetown
I've not read the interview, but the Bella Goth in the interview might have been a clone or something... or it could actually be the real Bella Goth. The Bella Goth in Pleasantview might just have to remain there so she shows up as alive in the family tree. Of course, the facial differences between them is a bit odd.
Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bella Goth in Strangetown was the real Bella. I think the Bella which is in Pleasantview might just be there so (as I said before) she shows up in the family tree.

22-02-07, 19:20
Bella Goth was origonally living with her husband Mortimor. It's unknown why (Or if it was an accident) Bella disappeared. Some say she died and they deleted her body before the process with the reaper was complete, or if she did actually get abducted by aliens, but because the game was still being developed it wasn;t possible for her to return.

There are 2 Bella's in the game. 1 in Strangetown (This is the real one) and one in Pleasantview. You can only find the pleasantview one via simPE though. If you insist on re-uniting Bella with her husband, there isn't much point. They don't really care much plus he will be on the verge of his death anyways.


22-02-07, 23:54
I've been searching for her for ages. I want to find her myself though, so I don't read instructions.

P.S. I hope she's in The Sims 3 in 2009! :)

23-02-07, 00:10
the bella in strangetown is fake.if u compare the icons of bella u could see that the bella in the family tree has her shoulders kind of up, and the one in strange town have them down. the way how to get her in both pleasantview and strangetown is to type down boolprop testingcheatsenabled true in the cheat box. then hold down shift and click on any sim and click on spawn, then click on tomb stone of l and d. click on the tombstone and click on get family member, then find bella in the list and then u have her!!!


oh yeah if i can remember she doesnt have any memories except for bwing abducted i think i'm not sure. and the bella in strangetown doesnt have any family tree at all. its just her.

23-02-07, 14:13
How do you install SimPE?

23-02-07, 19:44
How do you install SimPE?
download it from here (http://sims.ambertation.de/en/download/) :wve:

in these arms
24-02-07, 11:41
AHHHHHHHHH! BELLA! She scared the hell outta me!