View Full Version : Whats next?

20-02-07, 16:11
So the jump from PS2/XBOX to PS3/X360 is a big step, so after I'm guessing the same big gap will happen. The PS4/X720(?) will be so realistic you would foret its a game. But after that what will happen? How will they improve on things, how will anything get better? Will they just keep repeating things? I can't imagine how after the PS4/X720(?) there will be an improvement on graphics.

20-02-07, 18:11
I would guess the degree that you can interact with the environment. You will be able to go anywhere and interact with just about everything.

20-02-07, 18:58
After the PS4 and Xbox720,I think that virtual reality games will be the new step.(I hope so)

20-02-07, 19:26
There are still a lot of improvements to make. Like zero load times on every game, endless draw distance, smarter AI, textures that keep their high resolution no matter how far away you are. I want my console to become self aware and turn into skynet. :D