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21-02-07, 14:43
okay im a Playstation Girl i play the Tomb Raider games on the playstation only(with the exception of having the downloaded games on my phone cause i will die with out tomb raider) but what do you othe rpeople play? what consoles do you have and have you played on other consoles? Also what do you like best if you have played more than one console?

21-02-07, 14:47
Well I own a few older consoles, but of the more recent ones I have Playstation 2, Gamecube, and Xbox. I have all my Tomb Raiders on Playstation. Plus The Lost Artifact on PC. I simply preferred the reliability of Playstation, as back in the day Windows 98 kept screwing up my savegames.

I'd say from the 3 main consoles I have, its a tossup between PS2 and Xbox.

Legend of Lara
21-02-07, 14:52
I played TR1 on PSone and TRL on PS2. But seeing as PSone titles are rare like N*SYNC fans I have no choice but to play the classics on PC.

21-02-07, 14:55
and here i was thinking so many people played the P.C. versions lol well i have been playing for about 9 years since i was 5 or 6 so i just kept all my old games the olny one i dont have from psone is the first game adn i have yet to play chronicals (i know what kind of a tomb raider fan am I?!?!?)

21-02-07, 14:57
It took me forever to find chronicles. Well, a good deal on chronicles anyway. TR1, TR2, TRLR, and TRLA were all in game stores. TR3, and TRC were a pain to find so I had to order them either from ebay or amazon.

21-02-07, 15:05
i have been lucky and have a bunch form the store but my daddy bought me legend and AOD online for christmas and my PS2 he loves me lol BTW im 14 so dont think im like 5 from saying daddy i always call him that

21-02-07, 15:10
Honestly, I've mainly been playing the games on the PC. I do or at least did own all six games for the PC and the add ons (Tomb Raider II and Tomb Raider III I've somehow lost) and Legend was technically my first console TR for the 360.

21-02-07, 15:33
ohh okay thats cool..you should get into other consoles and i guess im not one to be speaking lol

21-02-07, 16:34
I've played all games except 3 on PC, and I've played all games except 4 and 7 on Mac. I'm really not a console fan.

Laras Backpack
21-02-07, 17:27
I've only played TR on PS and PS2. I did play a bit of TR5 on PC though. Not too keen on it. Consoles are just what I'm used to. I find it more comfortable. :)

21-02-07, 17:31
I didn't have any trouble getting Chronicles. I got a game and because it was a buy 1 get on half price I picked it up. I'm glad I did now !

21-02-07, 18:03
I didn't have any trouble getting Chronicles. I got a game and because it was a buy 1 get on half price I picked it up. I'm glad I did now !

addicting isnt our Lady Croft

21-02-07, 18:04
I've always played tomb raider on a playstation. I have played all the consoles and I prefer playstation and nintendo. I just have the most memories with those 2 companies.

22-02-07, 12:32
Me I want Playstation because you can still have another TR game.;)

22-02-07, 15:11
I have all TR games on the PS1, except for Chronicles. I'll probably buy it eventually, but at the moment I'm saving up my money for TR Anniversary and don't want to waste it.

22-02-07, 15:19
yeha im gunna start saving up too but im also missing chronicles...oh well eventually!