View Full Version : Do You Want To Be Alone When You Play TRA

21-02-07, 17:42
Where do you normally play your ps2 or xbox games....well i normally play them in my bedroom but last year i got legend and my mum was just lying on the bed commenting on all of the unrealistic things in the game and my spoilt little five year old brother was crying and wanting more biscuits....it really ruined the whole game.....but this year i say NO i am putting my foot down and going to play it on my own (hopefully)...this is a special moment for me and i need to concentrate and get the full tomb raider experience out of this game....my bro might watch coz he loves tomb raider but my mum has to stay downstairs watching soaps.....anyway enough about me...what about you?????:p

21-02-07, 17:44
I always play my video games in my bedroom on my own, I don't share a room with either of my brothers.

21-02-07, 17:44
I play mine on my own but now with atlantis in mind i might resort to the living room pc ....

ben croft
21-02-07, 17:45
I always play my videogames alone, in the dark, close curtains, in my bedroom. :D

Legend of Lara
21-02-07, 17:50
When I get TRA I'm going to lock myself in my room, with my PS2 (or PS3 :mis:), not answering the door or phone with some pizza. NOTHING is going to interrupt this moment of glory!

21-02-07, 17:50
I play in my rooms, but when I wanta big tv some surround sound I go into the living room :D ooooo pizza sounds good legend of lara

21-02-07, 17:52
Do You Want To Be Alone When You Play TRA

YES! Anyone disturbs me shall face my wrath.


Alex Fly
21-02-07, 17:52
Of course I want to be alone when I'll play TRA ! Everybody should respect each moment I play at a Tomb Raider game !

21-02-07, 17:53
Yes, and I mostly probably will be, as I live alone and I try not to play anything when I have people over.

Although my best friend has been here a few times when I've been playing a TR. She actually seems interested when she's watching me play.

21-02-07, 17:55
i take over the lounge with the big screen and allow no access to the room, i close the curtains and turn off the lights for the ultimate gaming experience.

21-02-07, 17:59
Most of the time I'm on my own in my room, or my little sister will come in and watch me.

Another Lara
21-02-07, 18:08
My Playstation is in my room with surround sound so I ave the choice of playing it on my own, which I have done for the most part of all the TR games...When Tomb Raider 1 first came out tho, my parents bought me a Playstation and kept it downstairs coz they wanted to see what the game was all about... in the end I convinced my dad to put it in my room so I could play it whenever I wanted to rather than waiting for my mum's soap operas to finish!

I do generally like to play the game when I'm on my own... I feel the pressure to be sociable when other people are in the room and I can't talk and appreciate Tomb Raider all at once, no matter how skilled at multi tasking I imagine myself to be!

21-02-07, 19:14
I play with my little sister watching when she acts like a human-being, but usually by myself!

21-02-07, 19:18
Living room, on a squishy couch, with 600W 5.1 Surround Sound.

21-02-07, 19:28
Ill play it alone, and who ever disturbs me is going to get thrown of the balcony:wve:

21-02-07, 19:32
I lock myself in my room in the basement (I claimed it as my computer room, NOT my bedroom :p) in the dark. Gotta make it a real expirence! I kicked my brothers ass once (literally) for bugging me durning my tombing expirience and he never bugged me since :D

April Reanna
21-02-07, 20:33
I can play with my sister around.She doesn't comment much. I can play in the living room no problem.:tmb:

21-02-07, 20:34
Lucky! Whenever I'm near my mom when I'm playing TR she's always asking me to do SOMETHING! It's so annyoying! That's why I claimed my private, locked, dark room in the basement! :p

da tomb raider!
21-02-07, 20:35
I don't really care. :wve:

21-02-07, 20:46
My PS2 is in the living room, and connected to the only *good* television in the house. So interruptions are occasionally a problem. But no. I'm not going to get really stuck into TRA only to be told there is some TV program on. **** the teeeeeveeeeee.

Agent 47
21-02-07, 20:52
i prefer to play alone as i like the piece and quiet :jmp:

Yuna´s Wish
21-02-07, 21:01
Alone, of course...I want to get scared if possible! :D And a friend or a member of my family wouldn´t allow that.

Ward Dragon
21-02-07, 21:01
I almost always play alone. Sometimes I play with my brothers around, though.

21-02-07, 21:13
No one. I'M ALONE. Read my last post to find out what happened when someone disturbed me when I having my tombing expirience ;)

21-02-07, 21:14
The thing is i don't want to say to my mum....oh go downstairs i just want it to be me and Ryan (my brother) coz after all she did buy it for me!!

Laras Backpack
21-02-07, 21:21
I play in the living room at home. I usually play on my own, but I do like it when my mum watches. She like to watch me play PS2 :D But I hate it when my brother watches me play- he either insults my game playing or tells me where to go (he's almost always wrong, but it's annoying none the less). Luckily he thinks TR and most games in general are boring so he won't hang around for long.

21-02-07, 21:34
I play video games in my bedroom alone but sometimes my little brother or friends watch and play video games with me too. :)

21-02-07, 21:53
I play them in my room =3 with the door closed and curtins closed... Sitting on my sink in comfortable chair xD its fun except when playing games like RE i always think there is a hand under my chair that will pop out and grab me :vlol:

21-02-07, 21:59
I usually play videogames alone or with friends when they're over or I'm at their places... But when I play TRA, it'll be a very intimate and sacred experience. No one is to disturb me. xD Nah kidding, I dunno. If no one's around, I guess I'll be playing alone! :D

22-02-07, 01:02
I think the first time playing through with TRA will probably be alone, to get the proper feeling of 'isolation' in the game. After I've finished it though, I'll probably let my housemates have a shot at it too (if only to laugh at their clumsy attempts at preventing Lara from falling off the nearest cliff :D)

22-02-07, 12:30
I want to do it by myself.But it is too hard,I need a companion!;)

22-02-07, 16:32
Um... yes. Kinda goes with saying really. :p It's hardly a party game.

If you share a bedroom, have your room mate banished for six hours.


Lara Lover
22-02-07, 16:37
Probably, yes. :p And, I'll play on my 32" Plasma. :D All by myself. :whi:

22-02-07, 17:46
My brothers will probably watch some, but I usuallu play alone. :)

Lara Croft!
22-02-07, 18:14
I don't mind...My siblings may watch for a while...

22-02-07, 18:45
I like to play alone at first, then make my friends watch me later XD

23-02-07, 09:44
ill play this through on my own, no one seems to bother me in my house which i like when playing games. if im round at a mates we wont be playing games that are single player driven, will be a multi player game everyone can enjoy. thats the only time i like to have other people there when playing games