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26-04-03, 11:36
Hi to everyone !


I just left the men's bathroom and begin to climb down the wall in the elevator shaft. Below me is an inclined platform. If I let Lara fall, she will slip and fall to death.
I tried to back jump to fall on the flat platform near the inclined one but jump too far and can't help falling to death !

Is there something to get out of this situation ???????

Thanks to all for quick replies !

26-04-03, 11:56
Climb down the wall to an alcove below when you cant climb down any further tranverse to the right You should be able to see her shadow on the floor of the alcove Drop down and she will land in the alcove inside is a golden rose secret

26-04-03, 13:08
Howdy and welcome to the forum...

Angel's advice is really good but I always before climbing down I position Lara at the middle of the ladder. With this way I have the chain exactly behind me. So, I climb down a little bit and I press <Jump> and <Roll> at the same time and Lara grabs the chain. You can then climb down to collect the secret or proceed up... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

26-04-03, 13:37
Thanks to ya all

Gonna try it right now and will let know !