View Full Version : Ico Teams new project?

22-02-07, 19:00
Ive been a huge fan of the SOTC and ICO games. Last I heard they had no plans for making anymore sequals/preqals to the 2 games. I can only hope that whatever theyre planning will be something grander then the already magnificent Ico and SOTC. :jmp:


22-02-07, 20:16
I'm also a huge fan of Team Ico and Fumito Ueda!:)
Nothing is confirmed about their next project except that it will be on PS3.
I recently read at IGN that the team is hiring people...

I have blind confidence and faith to Ueda and his Team that their next project will be another masterpiece.
I cannot even imagine what those guys can do to poor PS3:(

26-02-07, 20:48
Ive been a huge fan of the SOTC and ICO games.

Same here! (As you can probably tell from my avatar).

Ueda's team tend to stay away from sequels as they prefer to create original titles and push their creative skills with each new one. I wish more game developers had this mindset.

Can't wait to see what they come up with next.