View Full Version : Sandbox Games - Reaching the end of the barrel?

22-02-07, 23:17
With the appearance of games dating back to Batman and Robin for the PS1 and for the sixth generation area, Grand Theft Auto III for the PS2, hell, in Tomb Raider sense, you can count Angel of Darkness as having 'Sandbox' areas as limited as they were.

We gamers have grown to be accustomed to games where you can wander around and do what you want, but is the genre being fully explored or is it just being littered with 'Crime Simulators' ala GTA, The Getaway and Saints Row and no room for original free-roaing games such as the superhero genre such as Spider-Man and Superman Returns but it seems not alot of other games have had originality and those that have least tried something else are being branded as a GTA clone.

So in your opinion, has the Sandbox genre reached it's limit or does it have potential to be tapped into?

22-02-07, 23:27
The Elder Scrolls series is bound to set standards for sandbox genre. Even more so since Oblivion was a great financial success - while I don't see any "genre revolution" coming up just yet, I say sandbox games have still got some time before they start wearing off.

23-02-07, 16:53
So in your opinion, has the Sandbox genre reached it's limit or does it have potential to be tapped into?

There's plenty of potential there I'd say...

My ideal TR would be across four/five GTA scale levels awash with booby traps, natural obstacles and tombs (of TR4 quality) with an urban level thrown in for good measure. However, I doubt current/next gen consoles could handle such incredible detail. Looks like we'll have to wait for the PS4. Surely this is the only way forward for TR and sandbox games in general... more detail, more interactivity and most importantly, ultra-realism.


23-02-07, 17:13
I love the concept of "do whatever". I absolutely loved Fable for that. Although it wasn't fully realized. I can't wait for Fable 2, to see if they can hone the idea even better. Morrowind was great too. I think GTA and like game are really crappy examples of sandbox games. It leaves the taste that sandbox has to mean crime.

23-02-07, 18:10
Sandbox has much potential. I'm waiting for games that allow you to freely create your own buildings, cars, etc.

Legend of Lara
23-02-07, 18:12
The Sims Stories, Spore, Spider-Man 3, GTAIV, Sonic the Hedgehog (WTF was I thinking?!?!)...
...sandbox games are hitting it big this year. :D (or next year/after that for Spore :pi:)