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23-02-07, 19:54
I was the RE hater around here but that changed after playing the first one, now I'm determined to actually finish RE 2 and 3 :D but there's a problem, I don't have RE2 with me atm, since it's at my brother's place so I won't be seeing it for a long time... since part of RE3 is before RE2 does it spoil the plot much or nothing at all if I play RE3 first? Or should I play them in order?

Laras Backpack
23-02-07, 19:55
I haven't played RE3 but they pretty much happen around the same time. I don't think their plots intertwine. I don't think playing 3 before 2 will really ruin anything major (unless you read the epilogues that are unlockable extras at the end of RE3- they mention the fates of certain RE2 characters). :)

Agent 47
23-02-07, 20:08
RE3 is set 24hrs before and 24hrs after RE2

still darn good titles but prefer 3:jmp:

24-02-07, 00:02
As Far as I know... theres no interweaving storylines or anything going on :)

Agent 47
24-02-07, 00:07
As Far as I know... theres no interweaving storylines or anything going on :)

i had a RE mag a few years ago....containing complete guides for games 1 to 3,it clearly stated RE3 was set 24hrs before and after events in RE2......not an interweaving story as such but mearly just the time frame in which the game was set

either way it ruled :jmp:

Yuna´s Wish
24-02-07, 01:14
You can play RE3 first. RE2 is, as Agent stated, in the middle of RE3´s story. The thing is, you might want to stop right before finishing RE3 and start RE2. When that happens, complete RE3. That´d be the perfect way of playing them :D

24-02-07, 04:29
I hate RE2 because of the gameplay and bugs.I also hate the slow movement when I am walking.:mad:

24-02-07, 12:53
Thanks guys :D Then I guess I'm off to start me some zombie killing :D