View Full Version : The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion DB quest help

24-02-07, 13:55
I wonder if anyone can help me. I search everywhere to find a solution to this problem but no luck. You see I'm doing the Dark Brotherhood quest called The Assassinated Man, where I need to slash Motierre once with this poisoned dagger/blade and get out of the house. I slashed him once when he said don't cut me with that blade or words to that effect and I also tried to cut him before Hides-His-Heart guy enters the house and also tried just after as well. Whatever way I do it I can't exit the house. It's say I need to wait to Hides-His-Heart arrived even though he is already there and I cut Motierre once after which he should fake his death. I know I might get better luck on the appropriate forum but knowone seems to experienced this problem. It's very frustrating. :hea: :(

24-02-07, 16:25
I think I might have accounted a rare X360 game glitch. I killed Francois which fails this mission (no bonus treasure) but at least I can continue to rank up in the guild and unlock those achievements. :)

02-03-07, 15:26
how I did it:

went into the house and talked to the guy you need to slash. Then went to the right, and stayed out of sight in the next room (but near to the doorway). Then when hides-his-heart arrives, run over to the original guy and hit him with the dagger. Worked first time for me, so hopefully will work for you.