View Full Version : 1 GB PSP Mermory Stick duo!!!

Legend of Lara
24-02-07, 19:12
I just got it today!
It's SO huge! Just think of the crap I'll be able to fit on that. Large game saves, downloaded photos and videos... :D

24-02-07, 19:16
Are you talking about the Giga Pack? I got that, I put the 1GB memmory stick into my sony ericsson and lost the phone. :mad: . And so I've got my phones memory stick (512MB) in the PSP. I can fit quite alot on it but I don't keep things it it too long. I put the trailer on there today. :D

24-02-07, 19:17
I think i've got the 1gb to it has lasted me all year and i've still got like 450mb on it:D

24-02-07, 20:10
I've got a 2 gig and it's filled to the brim with ISOs, PSX games, Videos & Music. :D