View Full Version : Me singin in japanese :D

24-02-07, 20:50
I dont know if this aloud but i wanted to show one of my fav things off.

I sang BoA's everlasting click the link and itll take u were u can listen to it.


24-02-07, 22:10
You're a good singer, I could understand some words in that song, mainly because I study Japanese :D

kill bill
24-02-07, 22:18
I speak japanese;) But I cant write nor read it.;)

24-02-07, 22:20
So then KB, gonna translate for us :mis:


Only messing :)

24-02-07, 22:22
You sound nice :tmb:
Must've took some courage to post here O_O I could never post my singing here :vlol:

24-02-07, 22:49
hehehe i just wanted to know what people thought so i didnt realy mind postin it here everyones realy nice

Thanks for the feedback guys!:hug: