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Legend of Lara
26-02-07, 17:52
Has anyone played any of the Buzz! games?

There's Music, BIG, Sport, Junior Jungle Party and later this year, Movie.

kill bill
26-02-07, 17:53
Ahem The school buzz.Coming in summer.;) :o :hea: :cen:

BTW Yes I Played the them

26-02-07, 20:22
I have never heard of them. Sounds like Burger King games. :(

26-02-07, 20:30
They're only available in European territories I believe. They're a lot of fun. They come with a set of four buzzers and are a good night in for a group of friends.

The Music edition is my fave but I will definitely want to play the movie version being the big film geek that I am :)